Today’s bright sunshine, and dusty roads have seen more people wearing sun glasses or shades as we call them more often. But you will find that not everyone looks stylish in them and this is because we just wear shades for shades sake, even when they do not compliment us. Shades are more than protection against light and dust- they are a fashion accessory. And like all accessories, they too have the potential to make you trendy, or not- look at what they do for celebrities who wear them, right?

With shades, you cannot afford to be copycat – getting the same ones as your neighbour because they look nice wearing them. No. What looks right on them might be a horrible idea for you. So to pick the right shades there are some things about yourself that you need to consider.
The shape of your face for one is important.

Shades have different frame designs and styles for a reason – because they are made for different types of people. gives a few suggestions on choosing shades that fit your face perfectly. If yours is an oval face, then you are in luck because almost any style will look good on you. If you decide to go for square shaped frames, make sure they have rounded edges, and are medium sized.

For you who have a perfectly round face, get shades which will make that face look a little thinner. So you are going to go for frames that fit you face properly since wider ones will only make your face look large.

Also since most round faces look short, you will want to make sure that the shades you get make yours look longer so the frames should not go too far beyond the cheek bones. This is the opposite for you with an oblong face. You need large frames- the kind Paris Hilton likes to wear- since they will make your face appear a little wider, and shorter.

Beside the shape of your face, mind your complexion. Getting black shades when you have a dark complexion will not compliment your look. Instead opt for metallic colours like gold or silver, and different shades of brown.

So as you pick out those shades, first try them out, look at a mirror, and if you like what you see, buy them. Now you will look just as hot as that blazing sun whose light you are trying to avoid.

caption: There are people who think that the most popular glasses are designer brands like Armani and Versace, however, the most popular glasses are the less exotic, more affordable, and better value brands.

By Grace Kenganzi, Daily Monitor



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