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Shall Palestinian envoy Yousef SY Ramadan address my questions?

Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, on Dec. 15, 2023. [Photo/Xinhua]
Smoke rises following an Israeli airstrike in the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, on Dec. 15, 2023. [Photo/Xinhua]

On the occasion of Christmas, Palestinian ‘envoy’ in Bangladesh, Yousef SY Ramadan has written an article titled “Message to the West on Christmas: Remember humanity” in Dhaka’s notoriously anti-Semite newspaper The Daily Star.

Before going into detail, let me remind my readers, while the Bangladesh government has been extremely biased towards the Palestinians, it might have forgotten, Palestine and its leaders including Yasser Arafat had been violently and openly opposed to the war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971.

According to documented facts, during the war of independence of Bangladesh, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, a Palestinian Arab nationalist and Muslim leader in “Mandatory Palestine” had openly called upon the Muslim nations to extend support towards Pakistan.

Yasser Arafat, at the request of Pakistan had travelled to a number of countries with the agenda of getting support towards Pakistani occupation forces. In Arafat’s eyes, Bengali freedom fighters were seen as “terrorists”.

It should be further mentioned here that, on February 4, 1972, Israel had sent a letter to Bangladesh’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs giving recognition to the newly born country. Earlier, the Jewish State had offered assistance and cooperation to Bengali freedom fighters in its war of independence against the Pakistani occupation forces. According to information, Khondoker Mostaq Ahmed, killer of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the then Foreign Minister had secretly turned-down the Israeli recognition at the advice of his Pakistani masters.

Now my questions to Yousef SY Ramadan. In your article, you have stated “As you prepare to celebrate your Christmas holiday, remember that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, in Palestine. Remember that if he had been born today, he would have been born in a city under occupation, suffocated by an apartheid wall. Remember that Jesus Christ fought against injustice, for human dignity and for humanity as you watch images of dead children in Gaza on your television screen”.

Where you were, Ramadan when your own men – those notorious Hamas monsters and Palestinian terrorists in Gaza had entered Israel and orchestrated a pogrom? Where were you when even breast-fed babies were beheaded by your brethren? Where was your “conscience” if that at all exists in you – when your own men – terrorists in Gaza are until now holding a large number of Israeli and foreign hostages? Where your voice was, when Israeli girls and women were raped by your own – the Palestinians?

You have forced Israel Defense Forces into launching their anti-terror drive to destroy Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza Strip. It is your leader Mahmud Abbas who is enjoying luxury and looting public wealth including foreign aid, similarly as his fellow brothers such as Ismail Haniyeh and other notorious kingpins of Hamas, who until now is totally silent on October 7 Hamas pogrom and release of hostages. Have you ever uttered a word demanding release of the hostages? Not at all! In this case, Jesus Christ, as he fought against injustice, would have taken weapons in hand or instructed his followers to crush Hamas and its patrons and supporters.

Moreover, let me tell you, the entire world is now fully aware of your false propaganda targeting the State of Israel. You are parroting the lies of your Hamas brethren.

You wrote in your article, “Ask yourselves, what Jesus would have felt seeing the children of his own homeland being killed, homes being destroyed, families displaced, videos of traumatized children shaking from clinical shock, asking “am I still alive?” Poets write poems predicting their own death while journalists are murdered and silenced for their message of truth. In Gaza, 2.4 million people have been cut off from clean drinking water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel for two and a half months. A civilian population is being carpet bombed to the ground”.

Here again, no “civilian population” are being “carpet bombed” in Gaza. Israeli forces are targeting Hamas terrorists and those butchers are using civilians as human shields. You also are aware of this fact, but as usual, you won’t tell the truth, because that would expose the nasty faces of Hamas and its supporters.

In your article you also wrote, “We, Palestinians, are not asking you to be pro-Palestinian. We are simply asking you to be human, to let yourselves feel beyond politics, beyond narrow national interests. We are asking you to see us as human, made of the same flesh and blood as yourself; we are asking you to see us as people who deserve the same rights as you. We are asking you to uphold international law for everyone, the law that you yourselves have created and embraced, for the sake of humanity, for the sake of peace, for the sake of the law and the multilateral system.

“We urge every individual who stands with humanity to use your influence to translate calls for ceasefire into action. For those in the government, you have an endless set of tools at your disposal, legal countermeasures, sanctions, arms embargoes and diplomatic pressure. It is time to prove yourselves, not just to the Palestinian people, but to the whole world that you deserve to be what you claim. Governments in the West must prove that double standards don’t exist in your policies”.

What ceasefire are you talking about now after violating it on October 7? Yes, governments in the West this time shall truly prove – double standards don’t exist by refraining from their old habit of unethically, illogically and wrongly supporting Palestinians and causing harm to Israel and Jewish populace. This time the entire world has seen the actual faces of Palestinian terrorism, and this time, they surely shall refrain from their old practice of showing bias towards terrorists.

You have no right anymore to seek “legal countermeasures, sanctions, arms embargoes and diplomatic pressure” on a victim nation of Israel. Instead, any such actions should definitely come against anyone who supports Hamas pogrom and subsequent terrorist cruelties of Palestinians.

Have some shame Yousef SY Ramadan! You are enjoying hospitality in a country that you have vehemently opposed in 1971. Aren’t you ashamed of such nefarious behavior to Bengali freedom fighters and our war of independence? You have termed our freedom fighters as terrorists, simply to appease your Pakistani brethren. You have justified slaughter of 3 million Bengalis and rape of over 400,000 Bengali girls and women, just because it was committed by your “Muslim Pakistani brethren” against “Bengali Hindus and infidels”. Shame on you!

Before concluding, I would like to suggest – Ramadan, please for heaven’s sake, stop the lies and call upon those terrorists in Gaza Strip to immediately release the hostages. Call upon your leaders – including Mahmoud Abbas to condemn the October 7 Hamas pogrom and seek apology to the world for the act of cruelty committed by those monsters. At the same time, you can note – thousands of people throughout the world are still showing patience about the release of the hostages. If that is not done forthwith, take my word, Ramadan, I shall file a case against your leaders, fans and patrons at the International Criminal Court for committing crime against humanity on October 7.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is an internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research-scholar, and Editor, Blitz, a newspaper publishing from Bangladesh since 2003. He regularly writes for local and international newspapers. Follow him on X @Salah_Shoaib

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