Shame on You, Dr Tony Aidoo! As Friends of Fair Speech pointed to his face


Tuesday was, indeed, a sad day for media practice in our great nation and the government who is trying everything possible to tell the world that he is on top of his issues and mandate the people of Ghana gave it to him.


One of the leading members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a minister at the President Dr Tony Aidoo was heard on a flagship program ” Ghana must Speak” showing a gross disrespect to the noble profession when he was called to speak on a publication carried out by the New Crusading Guide about Martin Amidu?s letter and how the government is trying to handle the ruling by the Supreme court.


Dr Tony Aidoo was heard threatening the host of the program Kwame Nkrumah Tikese to redraw and apologize to the President of a publication made by a Newspaper.


The voicefuriouse NDC Member accused the host of leading verbal assault on the President and if he doesn?t redraw and apologize he will not speak to the station on the subject matter and decided to vent his spleen on the station.


These cannot be normal times for media practice in Ghana because for such uncivilized attack to be directed at a media house and for the umbrella media body such as the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) to remain mute on the issue, is worrying. It was irresponsible and dangerous attack on press freedom in our dear nation to the amazement of all concerned lovers of media freedom, except the Ghana Journalists Association and the National Media Commission (NMC).Said a group called Friends of Fair Speech (FOFS)


According to the leader who spoke to this paper said indeed, this primitive act simply calls for condemnation of the NDC and by all and sundry. But, as always, the silence of these so-called media watchers is quite resounding. And, of course, the useless and spineless and that empty group called the NDC do not see this as an affront to free speech.


“Are we really safe in this country with such tainted political appointees who hold office because of what they will get and it is saddened to hear Dr. Tony Aidoo insult a journalist who has called him to react to what a Newspaper has published”.



Also according to him he is deeply worried over these apologists of institutions claiming to be fighting for the interest of media practitioners, yet have continued to maintain a resounding silence over an attack on a media house.


?I call on lovers of free press and decency in our great nation, regardless of political party affiliation, to say enough is enough, with NDC Dr Tony Aidoo’s indiscipline, belligerence and provocations?.


Let it be clearly known to the Dr Tony Aidoo and his NDC that they will fall on their own sword and dagger! They will eat their own flesh and drink their own blood.

By Kwadwo Yeboah Breman

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