Jerry John Rawlings

I lift my gargantuan pen today to comment on an issue that has received massive reviews on the pages of newspapers and on radio and television studios over the past three weeks or so.

I received countless mails from friends and ardent readers of this column calling on me to comment on the shameful act by some shameless security agents of the state. Some even said my continuous silence was not only worrying, but also tantamount to an act of betrayal.

I do not blame them because they are unaware of the reason for my silence. I resisted the temptation to comment on the matter in the heat of the moment because I did not want to drop any bomb. You know when one is angry, the tongue tends to lose control.

I was bedridden as a result of a severe malaria attack that fateful day when a cousin in Tamale called to enquire whether news of the molestation of a female DAILY GUIDE journalist was true. I told him I was indisposed but promised to get back to him immediately I was apprised of the situation. I however told him not to be surprised if what he heard was true.

I made a few calls which confirmed that the barbaric and highly animalistic action did occur in full glare of other journalists, lawyers and the public at large. I then called my cousin to inform him that what he had heard was indeed very true.

He, like most of my compatriots, was very livid and surprised. I understand if one is angry at the actions of the barbarians; but I’m not too sure about one being surprised. It seems I’m always the odd one among my compatriots when it comes to such matters. I’m the only one who seems not to be surprised by the unprofessional conduct of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) operatives.

And why should I? For an organization which murdered a pregnant woman and her unborn child in cold blood, stripping a female journalist to her panties should not be difficult at all.

Frankly, I do not blame them at all. They are confused and do not know what they are doing. If they did, they would concentrate on their core duties, which is to gather intelligence internally and externally for the security of the state. The discipline and training which they require to be abreast of modern-day security work is missing, so they’ve resorted to killing and beating to prove to their superiors that they are working.

Many have refused to voice it, but the fact of the matter is that Gifty Lawson was given a raw deal not just because she was a journalist, but because she was working for DAILY GUIDE, a newspaper perceived by the operatives to be sympathetic to the opposition.

Even if what they perceive is the reality, does that warrant such show of barbarism? Is it a crime for one to oppose a government which goes about splashing whopping sums on her cronies and covering up their gargantuan crimes?

I would have said shame unto them if they had a modicum of honour. Alas, they are a dishonourable lot who have no shame at all. What therefore can I say but encourage them to continue soiling their messy anus for all to see.

Gifty’s experience is very disturbing and must be condemned by all who profess to believe in the rule of law. It is very gratifying to see the GJA, the NMC, the TUC and religious bodies express their abhorrence for the barbaric act. But I doubt if their call for an investigation into the matter would be heeded by the so-called Asomdwehene.

While expressing my sympathies, I implore Gifty and all colleagues in the inky fraternity not to be shaken by the actions of the bunch of zombies parading as security agents. Rather, it should embolden them to gather and disseminate news without fear or favour. For it is only when the lion’s life is threatened that its strength and courage can be fully appreciated.

The Kwaku Baakos, the Kabral Blay-Amiheres, the Kofi Coomsons and the Gina Blays are revered by their compatriots and Asomdwekromanians in general because they stand for the truth and are ready to die for it. They were persecuted, ‘shit-bombed’, jailed and even had their partners-in-struggle killed; but they stood their ground. So let’s not be shaken at all.

The sages say dying is not the problem, but what one is dying for. Indeed, to die is not an issue because whether we like it or not we shall die one day. The problem is what one dies for. Trust me, dying for an honourable cause is the kind of death every man of honour hopes for.

Following the primitive conduct by the BNI operatives, I’ve received calls from far and nigh entreating me to be very careful in this election year because Zu-za can never be trusted. That is a very reasonable observation. One can never be too careful at the sight of a wild animal that has bared its teeth.

I, however, would implore my compatriots not to worry too much because I’m a black belt holder in Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan. They should remember that a rat that sits on the highway is either very swift or very clever. And trust me when I say I’m both.

Uncle Gbevlo-Lartey and his zombies are therefore advised not to try their dirty tricks on me. Because if they do, I will prove to them that Nkran kenkey is best enjoyed with hot-red pepper.

See you next week, God willing!



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