Shameless Hypocrites and political-hermaphrodites (2)


Kwame Nkrumah is being touted, by people like ?Massa? Kwesi, as Ghana?s only founding-father even-though the struggle for independence pre-dates the return of Nkrumah to the shores then Gold Coast. This argument is being made on the basis that Ghana attained independence during the reign of Kwame Nkrumah. Yet, Kwesi is saying Kufuor?s name must never be associated with the discovery of oil in commercial quantities (the emphasis is on commercial, not when seismic data collection began) in our country, for the simple reason that oil exploration started in Ghana, in the words of ?Massa? Kwesi, as far back as the day Israelites crossed the Mighty Red Sea!!.

Insult on ?alhaji-alhaji? and pontificate on ?kokrokoo????

?Kufuor has the intelligent quotient (IQ) of a 3-year old baby and will go down as the worst president this nation has ever had?: ?Massa? ?jack toronto? Kwesi Pratt (?alhaji-alhaji?, Radio-Gold. August, 2007 when those presidential jets were ordered).This was when Kwesi and Rawlings were sharing the same bed.

?Kufuor is deep-thinking, decent with his utterances and a politically matured statesman?: ?Massa? ?jack toronto? Kwesi Pratt (?kokrokoo?, Peace-Fm, 20/7/10).This was when Kufuor made a positive remark about Kwesi?s new-found-love, Atta-Mills.

Kwesi Pratt, on 29th October, 2010 edition of Peace Fm ?kokrooko? programme, castigated others for using ?abusive language instead of talking about bread-and-butter issues?. But this is the same man who goes to sit in the studios of Radio Gold, every Saturday morning and together with his cohorts, pour plain insults on political opponents.

The chieftaincy institution, recognized by the 1992 constitution was described as useless by Kwesi Pratt and when questioned on ?ekosii sen? on Asempa Fm, his explanation was that he did not intend insulting chiefs because some of them are decent. But the question is, how would a decent person associate with an absolutely useless institution? Indeed, this is ?nkwan deewa? logic for you!!!

These people, who claim to jettison abusive language, will happily laugh at abusive text messages sent in to ?alhaji-alhaji? programme by their bigoted listeners. And to put icing on the cake, Kwesi Pratt will say to listeners of the programme to check his paper (the weekly insight) for the rest of these unprintable text messages. The weekly insight is now ?daily insight? and who says the ?better Ghana agenda? is a hoax?

I remember the vociferous campaign mounted by Kwesi Pratt, Raymond Archer and Tony Aidoo, commanding the then president Kufuor to come out with an explanation as to why he had to move Yaw Osafo-Marfo from the finance ministry to Youth and Sports. This demand was being made of the president on the basis that we (the people) made Kufuor the president and therefore have every right to, virtually, grab him by the throat and demand reasons for every ministerial reshuffle.

Today, a reshuffle by Atta-Mills which ?angered? even NDC parliamentarians was rather strangely, given a clean-bill-of-health by Kwesi Pratt. Fuel price increase by Kufuor was greeted with ?wahala? demonstrations. Atta-Mills slaps the people of Ghana with a dramatic fuel price increment (when he had promised us with a drastic price reduction), and an elegantly choreographed voyage was undertaken to the Castle for a tea-party.

Pratt?s word is Mills? Bible

During his first year media encounter at the castle gardens, Atta-Mills picked up an argument with Kwame Sefa-Kayi (Peace-fm), Marian Acolatse (Metro-TV) and Matilda Asante-Asiedu (Joy-fm) when they sought to point it out to him that some aspects of the ?Muntaka-Gate? scandal borders on criminality and that its handling had been shabby. But, when Kwesi Pratt made the same affirmation, the president violently nodded in agreement.

Has Kwesi Pratt?s word now become Atta-Mills? Bible? Or the president has now been bitten by this usual ?African-bug? where most leaders get excited only when they hear the ?sweet? voices of their praise singers? Is this your concept of ?a father for all?, Mr. President?

People like Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer who were very vociferous in their criticisms of president Kufuor for embarking on foreign trips, are today, hopping like kangaroos, unto these same trips with indecent haste!!. Kwesi Pratt, who has absolutely no knowledge in sports administration, first embarked on a useless, all-expenses-paid with per-diem jolly-ride to South Africa for the football world cup draw. Again, Kwesi Pratt was a member of a delegation that embarked on a recent wasteful trip to Singapore to inspect the FPSO which was being built for the exploitation of our oil find.

Fruits of Kufuor?s travels

President Kufuor, who was constantly insulted by Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer, because of his foreign travels, was able to bring to the people of this nation, a grant from the Japanese government to construct the one-time mythological Mallam-Yamoransa road, which had been on every budget statement during the 19 years of P (NDC) mis-rule.

Again, there was this ?42.5 from the British government to kick-start the free nation-wide ante-natal care, following a trip Kufuor made to the United Kingdom. The question therefore is: what benefit has the nation derived from such senseless trips by these shameless and out-of-date hypocritic dinosaurs and political-hermaphrodites masquerading as proponents of socialism?

The trip to Singapore by these journalists was a complete waste of the nation?s scarce resource, because, the only report they filed was ?how ?huuuuge? and beautiful the structure is?. None of these journalists have any technical knowledge on the said equipment. Their inclusion on the trip was therefore, wasteful, baseless and absolutely nonsensical. Couldn?t these journalists have been taken to this equipment for inspection after it had been brought down to Ghana?

The best thing the government should have done was to have sent people with the technical know-how to go and check the equipment and make sure it conforms to the specifications required for the said task. When the equipment finally arrives in Ghana, then, these stomach journalists could be given a tour for the photo opportunity aspect of it.

But, due to the short sightedness of our current leadership and the hypocritic lunacy of these so-called senior journalists, the cart was put before the horse by first sending these stomach journalists to go and ?inspect? the equipment so that those with the technical know-how rather undertake the photo opportunity tour after it has arrived. Is this the Atta-Mills logic of cutting-out profligate expenditure?

Foreign travel is now acceptable????????????

Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer used to give us the total cost of every trip by president Kufuor, as regards plane tickets, hotel bills and per-diems and I challenge them to come out with the cost of their bogus trips to Singapore. This is because they made us understand how they abhor foreign travels with per-diems.

Now, if a soothsayer had told me of the fact that people like Kwesi Pratt and Raymond Archer were going to be part of such a useless trip to Singapore, I would have simply told him/her to get off my face! It beats my imagination, therefore, as to why these same people are engaging in this very act with such careless abundance at a time there is so much despondency in the Ghanaian society due to very severe economic hardships, as a result of total lack of visionary leadership by Atta-Mills.

Potable water has become a rare commodity, filth has engulfed all our cities and towns, power supply has become extremely epileptic, pre-mix fuel for our fisher folks has become as rare as the urine of a chicken and food prices have gone through the roof. Yet, these archaic socialist ideologues are junketing around the globe at the expense of the poor tax payer.

A person like Bernard Monah, who used to be a fierce critic of the NPP administration, is today singing to the high heavens, the praises of Atta-Mills because he has been given some cramps from the dinning tables of the NDC government. These people engaged in that silly act of vilifying the Kufuor administration so that the NDC comes to power to enable them fill their gluttonous stomachs. Is this what politics has been reduced to in our dear nation?

Here, my advice to Atta-Mills is simply this; even President Lehman (who was from the CPP stock) was criticized-out-of-power and into total oblivion, by people like ?Massa? Kwesi who is today, head-over-heels with your performance and is singing your praises to the high heavens because all-expenses-paid jolly-rides with hefty per-diems are flying all over the place!

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei


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