Shatta Wale is my competitor – Samini



Award winning act, Samini, in an explosive interview with The Late Nite Celebrity Show?s Giovani shared his opinions on the trending Dancehall genre, his career and his rival Shatta Wale.

Promoting his new video Violate with Jamaican act Popcaan on ETV Ghana, he

?Had a wakeup call that it had been ten years after Linda dropped as a single and a lot had been achieved in this ten years of music, business, charity and life.

?I believe its hard work, staying focus, positive attitude to work and divine blessing that has gotten me and the team this far.?

Answering Giovani?s incisive question about Dancehall crown, the Odo hitmaker seemed he wasn?t ready to relinquish the crown anytime soon.

?The Dancehall Kingship is not a position available for competition or something you earn by votes. Coming up, my inspiration was African Dancehall and I was the first person who thought of the phrase African Dancehall and I called myself the king of what I had found. It means I?m King of what I started and not king over anybody per se. I got people who got inspired by what I was doing and it helped them to create music they were also comfortable to perform.?

Responding to the ten million suit against his competition Shatta Wale; Samini, from a lay man?s point of view thinks:

?His approach was harsh and that?s what called for their [Charterhouse?s] reaction. When I heard someone was trying to take such an amount from a fellow artist, I was shocked at first. Then getting to the afternoon, I realized it was true. In the morning I was laughing when I heard it but felt really bad for that fellow later when I realized it was true because I wouldn?t want to see anyone go down even if that person was my enemy. Because truth is, I find him a competitor in the same field.

?You can be pushing down an old lady?s pot of water every time because you know she can?t do anything about it, one day you will push the pot down and realize the content was palmwine tapped by macho sons and grandsons of the old lady and you will have to pay for it?.

Opening up on his relationship with the self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Samini was not happy with his rival pretending they had been friends:

?There was a fabrication he put out earlier that we used to be very close but everyone who grew up in Dansoman knows that wasn?t the story.? He told Giovani. ?The first time I met him was when Obuor was going to go on his TourObuorDotCom and Obuor was playing me his album and I heard a deep voice singing a hook. I asked whose voice that was and he mentioned that was a chap named Bandana and he was trying to help him. I said he sounded good and Obuor should have giving a verse in addition. That was how Obuor introduced him to me, so when I did my tour in 2004 I put him on based on what Obuor had told me about him, so that?s how I knew him. From the way he made it look we were very close is surprising because when he is called to prove, I?m not sure he will be able to prove it.?

?I have giving him chances to sit so we trash out our difference even on another media platform and he agreed but later went on to make a song he titled No Sitting calling the truce off.?

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