While Leonard and friends are eagerly anticipating the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, Sheldon is looking forward to another big thing in the next episode of “The Big Bang Theory”. Sheldon is finally ready to sleep together with his girlfriend Amy.

But what if there’s a conflict with his opening-day movie ticket.? Which one will he choose? Faced with this dilemma, Sheldon consults his issue with the late Arthur Jeffries (Bob Newhart), who is transformed into wise Obi-Wan Kenobi in Sheldon’s subconscious.

Sheldon is “quite sure that she’ll understand if he goes to the premiere. I kind of say, ‘Well, no,’ ” says Newhart. He adds, “It’s hard for him (Sheldon) to understand that Amy won’t accept the fact that this is the premiere of ‘Star Wars’, so I have to present that side.”

Executive producer and co-creator Chuck Lorre also gushes about Sheldon and Amy taking a big step in their relationship. “It’s exciting to see how far these characters have grown. We would never have anticipated that they would have progressed to the point where they’re having real, in-depth relationships,” he says. “It happened rather naturally, slowly, incrementally, but it’s really delightful to get to see it play out.”

Mayim Bialik comments on the big decision that her character and Sheldon make, “Amy’s been eager all along for a different kind of connection, but it’s actually initiated by Sheldon.” Jim Parsons chimes in, “Sheldon’s eager for her to know she’s special to him, and this is one of the items on the list that he feels could show that.”

Teasing about how explicit the scene will be, Bialik says, “More than we thought. We’re in bed.” Parsons responds to her statement, “Well, of course we are. We aren’t going into the back of a car.” Bialik adds, “I thought we would just talk about it when it finally happened.”

As for how much of the big night that will be shown on the screen, Bialik says, “There’s a before and there’s an after. There’s no during.”

“The Opening Night Excitation” airs Thursday, December 17 at 8/7c on CBS.



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