Should Jean Mensah Disenfranchise the People of Volta, Oti and Parts of the Current Northern Regions to Make Ghana’s 2024 Election Credible? – A Rejoinder

British Togoland
British Togoland

It is indeed a well known fact that the people of the Volta, Oti and Parts of the current Northern Regions (Western Togoland), are fully settled in their own territory.

It is the people of Ghana who have been illegal occupiers of Western Togoland territory since 1957.

Britain and Ghana had connived to steal our independence, armed robbed our state, massacred and exiled many who opposed their armed robbery.

Those Western Togoland natives currently living in Gold Coast territory (now the proper Ghana) are there through FORCED ASSIMILATION.

This was a strategy by the colonial master Britain and passed on to Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to keep Western Togoland poor and force its educated to their Gold Coast territory for employment to win their loyalty and assimilation
which worked perfectly according to plan. Most assimilated WTL natives have been behaving towards their native land like very satisfied and comfortable slaves who love the land of slavery better than their land of birth.

Truth is ageless and indivisible. I am glad that Ghanaian authorities are now acknowledging this timeless truth. Ghana and Britain have harmed Western Togoland seriously since 1957 at the very latest, and Ghana’s Attorney General and her judges are still refreshing our wounds by unethically, immorally and unconstitutionally keeping our legitimate freedom fighters in its prisons, torturing them and killing some.

But there is always a day of reckoning, and that day WILL SURELY COME.

Western Togoland Freedom Struggle continues unabated, not for an archaic union but a fully free single country.

The writer, Bobby Quarquoo is a Freelance Journalist and a
Western Togoland Freedom Fighter

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