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Should The Rules Of War Change?

Isreal- Palestine war
Isreal- Palestine war

A world free of war is most ideal, but since war is sadly a big business, then money worshippers will likely wage wars.

Starting war is a crime, so how can you have ‘legal and illegal’ rules inside a crime? My point is war crimes must be redefined. The questionable children of Africans called Arabs and whites+ think of war as a game and make very questionable rules that were wrong, or now outdated? Oh Jarga! Are you the racist African or making Africans+ start to think? Just tell me what percentage of black Africans significantly contributed or questioned the present ‘rules of war’ by religion or ‘secular’ states? Regardless of how my arguments will make sense, they will argue our ‘white and Arab Masters’ have Geneva conventions+ and religious books of hints, written by Angels or humans; so if your conscience happens to be higher, then we must wait until the semi-conscientious Arabs, Whites, and beyond agree? Ok, let us get more serious, since we know good and bad transcends race, gender, etc, but indeed heaven and hell will less likely be 50/50 (equal) by gender, race, species, etc. Historians and journalists must do better job, including the listing of wars, who started it, who supported based on interest or justice, who tried to end wars and the varying levels of resistance and achievements on ending wars.

The u.s, Russia, and Israel are good examples in a time and space limited article like mine, but I honestly do not know how many wars the Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria or xyz started, resisted, supported, averted, intervened , etc. So a nice list of details like: u.s, Russia, or xyz started 45 wars with states, was attacked five times by states, attacked three times by groups; resisted cease fire ten times, etc will help. Dates and leaders at the time, plus percentage of support by civilians should be included in our era.

The terms like ‘the killing of civilians, women, and children as war crimes or wrong’ is questionable. Some say ‘wars are bunch of old males or civilians, sending young men than women to kill and die…’. So how unfortunate are men, or should I consider being a transgender to escape drafts by Ukrainians or u.s forces? If wars are started by civilians, then some civilians deserve to die than harmless males like me. There was a Questionable African Queen called Sheba or ms. Clinton, who denied me or xyz sex, and gave it up easily to king Solomon. Well, my point is leadership was and is no longer gender based, but who can fool enough males+ as soldiers and indoctrinate them that women should be spared? Beside the women who are brave only with the mouth and pen, like Ms. Clinton and ms. Palin; wars have to have grass-root support by women than men; and that support must have consequences in our age. Putin understands if millions of women march against his war or ‘special operation’, it can backfire. We all know Ukraine killed many women and civilians; so America started sanctioning rich civilian men than women over war… A new phase of business in the world of wars?

It is extremely hard to justify starting of wars, but why we support parties in wars should be based on right and wrong, not religion, financial interest, race, tribe, etc. The Palestine (Hamas) and Israel war is one perfect example. I seriously think the u.s+ is by far much more guilty than the two primary parties. Not just by refusing cease fire, but by supplying weapons to a party that is already much more superior in power. So level of support by state officials and civilians must be gauged, differentiated, and measurably confronted. If Putin and Netanyahu should be charged with war crimes, then Biden should be charged with much more, or just with aiding and abetting in the killing of men than women? Well, if the Palestinian or xyz woman is spared; she will become ‘terrorist’ or at least support it against little children. If the Ukrainian or u.s woman is told you will be spared, they will be war mongers, inherit wealth, claim emotional victims, and brag out ‘female’ contribution as feminists with sporadic 50/50 rules.

Support in wars varies from financial to voting of war mongers. Beside the imposed taxes, we now see crowd funding by civilians. If I see American or xyz civilians are funding billions in war against my country, why would I spare such civilians? You can rightly argue the millions of civilians who oppose the war too. Well, I do not like the idea of immunity based on gender+, or position as Donald Trump dangerously argue. Civilians must be told in words and actions that wars will primarily focus on the military folks, but even ordinary civilians will not be spared. We must let everyone know war is a dangerous gamble to all parties, and that will significantly reduce the voting in of war mongers. ‘My precious wife or children may be killed’ will make Obama, Reagan, or xyz think the spirit of Ghadafi or his killed daughter will pray for mass shooting , sickness, or drug overdose to civilians who support wars for money, money, money. A female u.s journalist once argued ‘the lifestyle of privileges’ in the u.s is thanks to the unjust foreign policies, and urged Americans to blindly support and not criticize foreign policies? I suspect she was enjoying the looted gold+ during slavery, but did black women or men spared white/Arab women, or secondary culprits?

Courts are semi effective at the national level, considering they badly under punish many ‘sins between creatures’, and wage wars on marijuana and other personal rights. The international courts are presently too weak and need serious reforms. The ICC is the most popular one, but the biggest ‘culprit countries’ refuse to recognize it? Israel, u.s, Russia, Ukraine, and which countries refuse to join or make demands to consider joining? The ICC should not hire citizens of non-member countries and should not allow u.s or Ukraine+ to bring cases, or support cases where they are the primary victims. Pressure tactics are vital to prevent wars, stir internal urging towards truth, and other possible blessings. We can have continent level courts, but the rules must be smart and just.

I have once said: I do not want to be a victim in the proxy war of God and Satan; u.s and Russia, China, or xyz. I have said: I do not care about giving ‘Satan’ respite, but please not at my expense. I believe in conscience more than Religion, cultures, or state laws. This is why I believe in updating them to be more conscientious. Those who worship women, may spare even the guilty among them; those who look down on women may under-estimate the harm some of them do, or what good can they do if rightly pressured and given opportunities where need be. Although we differ in even our definition of children, or even woman, considering LGBTQ. I think there is a difference between children, teenagers, and adults; so the rules must reflect such or we risk more wars and the abuse of the very people we claim to protect. If you tell a sixteen year old that you will not be prosecuted or killed as ‘children’ then you become dangerous liars in suits and big gowns, creating killers and victims? Will you honestly spare a fifteen year old in a battle, or killed his/her parents and not worry about consequences? If we truly love women and children as claimed, then we must seriously try to stop wars and build a peaceful cannabis leaning world. Unfortunately, there are bad cannabis folks, but what percentage of alcohol leaning politicians favor war, while sending men to kill or die? Macky Sall, Tinubu, or xyz may not drink alcohol, but party with such, spare, and prefer which one? Men must wise up, and I do not mean the unnecessary victimisation of women. In the days of Religious wars, let a good God give me total victory and not burden me with sparing idol worshipping woman, whose husband or father wanted me death. In our era of state wars, I want to be armed as a citizen and fight only when attacked. If I feel reasonably threatened by any state, may God drop nuclear bombs, asteroid, or whatever He deems fit and not spare the guilty women+. Does that mean I will own a drone and over wait for God where I can fire or fly along? May be I am an educator more than a soldier, so tell my beautiful African, American, Russian, Saudi, Chinese, or xyz women to learn and tell their political leaders to never start a war, especially against me. I may not rape the wife or daughter of a war leaning president, but will certainly kill a woman where I deem fit… For now, I am a vegan leaning man, avoiding the killing of even animals; by far more peaceful than your meat eating women+ and the vegetarian wife of Modi+. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

Beside the ongoing wars, we may see a war between China and Taiwan in 2024. If Russia vividly supports China, then U.S will find an excuse not to join. However, if Russia vaguely support China until U.S enters the war, then can you imagine the dangers? Russia will then join at what levels? The dumbest Russian official will clearly understand If U.S wins China or Iran, it will mean more danger to Russia. How do we build a threat free world must include how do we help understand the dangers of greed and arrogance, or even fear. I have repeatedly said Taiwan and the Gambia share something worth studying. The Gambia was once part of Senegal, Taiwan was certainly part of China. I do not think such give China or Senegal to demand forceful re-unification, but what brings tensions and how should countries support? Gambia’s questionable President Barrow will likely support China based on financial interest, but then can other countries support Senegal or Israel based on interest? Senegal once attacked Guinea Bissau because of ‘resources’, but they fought back and won. Senegal partly spares the Gambia due to many factors, including our poorer status… Some rich folks will bait pretty shiny girls, but do not think ugly or being poor is a blessing. At the state levels, similar realities do play out. Taiwan over feared and went too deep with u.s to the point of causing fear to China. This is a mistake no country should repeat. China can certainly survive without Taiwan, but the ties and possible military presence of u.s in Taiwan is the probable problem of China. So the de-escalation must include reducing ties with u.s, trusting in God more, and getting partners who are less hostile to China. Then without over begging, try to be more friendly with China, including raising the trade between them. These measures may sound out of topic, but studying what contributes to war is even more vital than ‘rules of war’. May the Kind Lord keep us safe, away from wars, and bless us with satisfactions and achievements. I hate to be indifferent, but Hope God acts lot more, conquer lot more beyond words. Presently, which presidents, writers, etc are trying to de-escalate ? Timely help is part of love that non-visionaries and war mongers cannot see? May be they think they will be spared like women and children , but who suffer more, or closely behind men, despite the present rules? Who can guarantee Africa will be spared in a world war, or even bigger war than Ukraine and Russia?

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