? ?By: Stephen A.Quaye.

? ? ? President John Dramani Mahamah, last week Thursday described the torrential rain that disrupted the 57th Independence Day Anniversary parade in Accra-Ghana as ?SHOWERS OF BLESSING?.

? ? ?Whew, that was interesting, as he was entitled to his comments and observations. But he should be made to accept that torrential rain could be described also as ?SHOWERS OF REJECTION? not forgetting the biblical account where God used flooding to destroy the land and set everything new.

All over the world, national days such as Independence Day anniversaries, republic day celebrations and other important holidays with grand style festivities are held to make people happy whiles participating.

In Ghana since the president ascended to the throne, there has not been a single national occasion where the celebration take place without records of incidents that either took away the colour of the beauty of the occasion or threatened to mar the occasion.

Just after president Mahamah has been elected and was about to be sworn in, a group of New Patriotic Party NPP members tried to prevent their leaders from attending the swearing in ceremony because the party had rejected the 2012 election results and had gone to court.

President John Mahamah was sworn in and the day went by. Then came 2013 Independence Day anniversary parade where 120 people collapsed some in Accra and other parts of the country.

After Justice Atugubah has declared president John Dramanai Mahamah duly elected, all were expecting to observe 6TH March 2014 as a day of national unification where all the political party leaders will put their party differences behind them and celebrate Ghana?s birth only for the down pour to disrupt everything.

For the simple reason of comparing statements from the president to that of the NPP 2012 presidential candidate, I did not file article for publication prior to the Independence Day celebration.

Last year, I filed an article which was considered by various media anchors which raised concern about hardship conditions Ghanaians were going through and are still going through, yet assembling innocent children under scorching sun to march pass the dais for the president to take salute and that is it. FINITO.

Then the predicted rain disrupted the parade making the president to describe the torrential rains that baptized him from hair to toe even standing in between two service commanders as ?showers of blessing?.

As he tried to cover his ?ass? from shame and embarrassment caused him, he blamed it on the meteorological services department where officials there also paralleled the blame saying it had predicted bad weather a week before.

But was that showers of blessing as the president wanted everyone to believe?

President John Dramani Mahama, did not help the ordinary Ghanaian to assess the situation very well as he failed to tell all how much of the tax payers money his government injected into the meteorological service department coffers to ensure fair and accurate weather reports were issued to guide the citizenry in their daily activities.

Well said, but can we ask the president for the briefing as to how much his government has injected into the budget of the Meteorological services department to monitor the weather and guide farmers, our security personnel and civilians of their operations?

It is true that in Ghana no one takes the weather forecasting or weather watch serious only to be caught unaware. But all must learn a big lesson from the March 6TH eventuality serious and advance our life from that.

In 2013, 120 people collapsed during 6TH March anniversary parade. On 6TH March 2014, torrential rain disrupted a national anniversary. Come 6TH March 2015, maybe it will be hailstones falling from heaven, who knows?

This year?s 6TH March has come and gone with the nice description coming from the president as ?showers of blessing? how will 6TH March 2015, will come about ?SHOWERS OF HAILSTONES??

Only Meteorological Services Department of Ghana can predict earlier for us.

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