Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Upper Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has expressed worry at the use of the pulpits as sources of predictions of political party victories and prophecies on deaths and dooms.

The Presbytery encouraged believers to use the scriptures as their standard guide to knowing more about Christ, His teachings and what He instructs and directs for the Salvation He promised all.

It further admonished the general public to be conscious and careful of “doomsday prophecies” that do nothing, but create fear and panic among celebrities, their families and the larger society.

Reverend Emmanuel Atami, Chairman of the Upper Presbytery said this at a news conference in Bolgatanga to mark the end of the eighth Presbytery Session held in the Garu District of the Upper East Regionon the theme: “Let the earth hear: Equipping the proclaimer to go and tell.”

He observed that prosperity messages were still on the rise in the media and on some pulpits, and said “ignorant church members are being exploited for personal gains by these self-acclaimed ‘men of God’ thus bringing the name of God into disrepute.”

The Presbytery called on religious bodies like the Christian Council, the National Bishops Conference, the Charismatic and Pentecostal Council and the Council of Independent Churches to take steps to regulate their member churches on the way and manner prophesies and predictions were being chanted to the public.

Reverend Atami bemoaned the intrusion of ethical values contrary to Ghanaian values and culture, and noted that the upsurge in gay practices and related issues appeared to be contemplated as to whether laws of the country should be re-examined to accommodate alien practices in society.

“The craving for tattoos especially among the youth in our country is also fast becoming a threat to our cultural values and norms. As a Presbytery, we urge government and stakeholders to pay strict attention to our values and culture and jealously guard against the intrusion of foreign dogma under the guise of human rights,” Reverend Atami said.

He said the Upper Presbytery would continue to engage in holistic ministry that sought to provide for the soul, spirit and body in line with the mission of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, and assured government and the people of Ghana of their commitment to continue to play their role towards building a strong, peaceful and prosperous Ghana for all.

“We appeal to all Ghanaians to play their parts well and be guided by the love of God, love for Ghana and love for fellow human beings.


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