When silence is golden; Obiano

Chief Willie Obiano
Chief Willie Obiano
By Obinna Udoji
Chief Willie Obiano
Chief Willie Obiano

When silence is golden is a proverbial saying, often used in circumstances where it is thought that saying nothing is preferable to speaking.??But when a piece of writing has deceit written all over it with obvious dirtiness, manipulation and obvious intent to blackmail, the first reaction of the concerned would be a fly-off-the handle attack on the source. This is exactly how I felt in the last one week when diatribes and blatant falsehood in poorly concocted language started emerging from one Daniel Elombah who recently came home from his London base to feel the pulse of Ndi Anambra, but ended-up as a purveyor of the most ludicrous allegations to emanate from the South East in recent times.

Let me state my bias, I am an admirer of Mr. Peter Obi, the immediate past Governor of Anambra State, hence my inclination to try and protect his legacy. I am touchy whenever people write about him. In fact I analyze most materials written on Obi and Obiano with the intent to protect Governor Obi. This is essentially how I got in touch with the media team of Chief Willie Obiano, the Governor of Anambra State. I must say that their professionalism took the wind off my sail. The way they have maintained a balance in reasoned communication that dwell on issues about the state, the governor and governance of Ndi Anambra, hence my admiration of their media management style which incidentally is akin to the style evident in the approach of the man of the moment ? Governor Obiano.

Since inauguration Governor Obiano has enjoyed a stellar media presence buoyed by a very active one hundred days in office and beyond. To discerning communicators with good grasp of the finite details in the shark infested waters of Anambra politics, the worry was how long the honey moon would last. Although most administrations get up to one year breather, Obiano hardly enjoyed five months freedom before the hawks pounced through hacks like Elombah who claimed that Obiano is looting Anambra amongst other fabrications not worth any ones time. Fair enough, he just came back and probably needs get firsthand feel of home; nay he is in haste to secure his return ticket back to London, hence the resort to wild tales to justify the whims of shifty politicians who must have their way always or nothing else. Hopefully the paymasters would sustain the largess long enough to keep him busy.
That Obiano?s media team did not engage was obvious, and the fact that they have keep mute is telling. Of course I prodded but I should know better. Judging from their antecedents, I have no doubt that this exulted position adopted by the team was to allow the hate mob some space to vent their frustrations. It is in no way influenced by an iota of can?t?win-ness but mere altruism and a resolve not to be coerced into fueling the orchestrated distractions. I am not in doubt that the core of Obiano?s aides can bite, as eminently deployed during the elections, event yours truly felt some of their angst, and this time, they are again on point. What is there to discuss, that Obiano is looting?which money; Security vote? It is evident the man effectively deploys the resources to restore some semblance of sanity across the state, especially in Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka; appointments? Haba! Is the man not entitled to his personal aides, not to mention the gossip from Poland. Pray let?s elevate this discuss when the need arises, rather than give relevance to a platform created??to further personal rather than group interest.

Obiano-and-Governor-ObiPoliticians we know will jostle for posts and power, and when they lose out would cast aspersions to win the argument especially when willing hired hands abound.???I see the sense in elevated reasoning. I see the sense in the fact that Willie?is working. I see legacy projects coming on stream across the state, the welcoming bottle-neck at Aroma, Awka which we are assured would peter-out in twelve months when the flyover stands. I see the revitalization of the Anambra State agricultural sector, millennium projects; and other mass housing initiatives to mention a few. I see the youth employment initiatives; I see hope and I can say Anambra is on the right part.

We all may never agree on this but experience has shown that there are times when ?speech is silver; silence is golden,? At such times, discerning professionals know that it is better not to engage in brickbats but rather ignore and when convenient shut out intrusive noises that may unwittingly distract them from the goal. I have no doubt that this is one of those times and I doff my heart for Obiano?s Media team.
Obinna, an ICT Engineer writes from Onitsha
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