Singapore, a Major Travel Destination for 2012


Singapore, That huge and sophisticated gateway to Southeast Asia, is a destination in itself interesting. It is from the cultural point of view, social and even architecture. If you have not already done so, this is a great year to be taken into account as a holiday destination.

1. Renewed cultural attractions: Since February is open to the public Museum of Arts and Sciences in Marina Bay. Within its imposing building (with lotus flower shape) can be seen fixed exposure on the link between science and art through three galleries: curiosity, inspiration and expression. There are also temporary exhibitions such as 100 years of the Titanic or a retrospective the work of Andy Warhol.

Also the city is building its new headquarters National Gallery of Art That from next year will occupy two landmark buildings, the old headquarters of the City Council and the Supreme Court.

For now, his collection can be visited at the Singapore Art Museum and we review the Southeast Asian art from the nineteenth and twentieth.

2. The Central Park of Singapore: in June this year opens in the district of Marina Bay a new park with an area of one square kilometer, the Gardens by the Bay.

The park will house a botanical garden lung seeks to serve the city, besides beautifying the panorama. Will a dome that will simulate the Mediterranean climate, One plant garden with Chinese, Malay and Indian, A view from the bay skyline across the district; An area “Super trees” And finally, a huge lake with marine plants and fish.

3. A water safari in the city: opens after summer River Safari, Which highlighted the importance of habitat around the river. They say their purpose is education, recreation and conservation of fauna and flora that develops around fresh water.

Thus, the parks recreate all the conditions occurring in several rivers in the world: Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Ganges, Murray, Mekong, and Yangtze. Also recreates the Amazon with a water route, a sample of animals such as jaguars and anacondas, and an aquarium with manatees and arapaima.

4. Taste the local gastronomy: Since last year, is open Food Republic Beer Garden, A kind of market where you can eat all kinds of dishes at a reasonable price? With 18 food stalls and a 400-seat outdoor, this becomes a great choice for eating, drinking a beer and listen live music. The hours of 6 pm to 5 am (until 6 on weekends), make it very attractive.

5. Merlion Park
One of the places I was to see in Singapore was Merlion Park. I would have liked to get me the photo of rigor in my room last year, but eventually something just failed. This time with a little more time and having already traveled part of town, but there are always corners you for visiting, despite how small it may be this country.

This is not the only existing merlion in Singapore, we can find a total of five different locations spread, among which are the Sentosa Island or in Mount Faber.

Building to tell a little about the word: Merlion. A combination of mer (sea) and lion (lion). From time to the origins of Singapore, or known as Singapura, “Temasek = City of the sea” in the Java language. It combines the head of a lion with a fish body, seems like a mermaid’s tail.

The location of this statue is right in front of the Marina Bay area, where we can get a good view of the bay of Singapore.

We find The Esplanade substance, audience and theater area, although the locals call it: The Durian and they were right by the appearance that you have with this fruit. The weather that day was enviable, sun and heat, phew … perfect for walking but yes, you do not miss cremita solar and water, fundamental

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