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Sins between creatures: misinterpretations

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Many Religious and Government Folks mis-educate and mis-punish on Sins Between Creatures.
The term sins between creatures has a lot to deal with conscience, but also education and punishment. Every child needs education, but are parents and teachers, including governments always great teachers? Whether you are fortunate enough to get great parents who taught you greatly, not just order, or you were later taught by God, other humans, or angels; thinking is a personal responsibility to avoid sins between creatures, but educating others is the gratitude that should never be forbidden. Thinking for others or sharing experiences for learning purpose is indeed due to love. Government laws on personal sins versus sins between creatures; government education budget on sensitizing people on personal sins versus sins between creatures; government budget on hunting those guilty of personal sins versus sins between creatures will hint you all or most governments are yet to understand the dangers of sins between creatures. Even many decent atheists understand sins between creatures are very dangerous and sadly misunderstood by some religious folks until when? Hypocrites or children of hypocrites , weak submitters, etc.
Almost Every parent told their children to avoid hurting others, but that may be closer to order than teaching and explaining. Sadly, there is a small fraction of parents who may want their children to physically or mentally steal for them, but that is a group we cannot discuss much here. We rather focus on helping parents, the media, and the government teach better and support smarter systems of gathering evidence and punishing smarter on sins between creatures.
A culture of camera from home level should be strongly urged, to study and classify sins between creatures between children, teenagers, and adults. I am largely oppose to punishing children, but not on sins between creatures. I also believe teenagers should be punished about half of adult’s punishment on sins between creatures. Since the children and teenage aspects are sensitive, let us reserve it for the end.
Largely Religious places like the Gambia and most of Africa having lot of sins between creatures is very puzzling until you study how and where people misinterpret the purpose and verses of religious books. Since conscience is the original and last test of humans , those who think religion is to replace the original test may not upgrade to conscience on both personal sins and sins between creatures. Our topic, time, and space demand we focus on sins between creatures, even though it truly starts with disrespecting personal rights of others, including unnecessary denials. We still rather discuss more vivid sins between creatures, especially actions, because high conscience demands patience on words.
Questionable religious folks misinterpret and thus unintentionally misled the mindsets of blind followers we can help regain their mental sights, at least the willing ones. Although many Islamic scholars do preach sins between creatures is not forgivable by a Just God than many Christian+ scholars, I think the frequency and emphasis is still often low within Islamic preachers. Worse is many scholars misinterpret the limited verses that slightly touched on sins between creatures.  Any time a good preacher claims ‘God does not forgive associating partners’, s/he should add ‘and sins between creatures’. Very soon people will then avoid sins between creatures as they avoid associating partners to Allah…
Not one to one, nor one to Trillion: Sins between creatures are not one to one, but proportionately multiplied depending on many factors , including age, circumstances, classification, etc. Even unintentional sins between creatures are extremely dangerous  and can be multiplied based on negligence. Or why do you think verses like, ‘if they had used their minds, eyes, ears, etc they won’t be in hell’ came? So knowing you could be guilty and punished through mistakes, why would you risk intentional sins between creatures and buying misinterpretations that it is one to one?  You must learn to differentiate verses that are about you and God, from other verses, and remember what Conscience mean in life, interpreting the Quran, and avoid trying to corrupt God in fear, greed, or arrogance. Where as God wants us to have patience on personal sins, He want us to strongly punish sins between creatures where there is enough evidence. Without enough evidence, we must defer. Our era demands taxes and even ‘zahkat’ money be partially  spent on cameras for evidence gathering and minimizing ‘oppression’ or ‘free a neck’ of our times. The verses that talk about ‘do ‘not go excess in revenge’ or punishment’, does not mean one to one, but that do not follow the desires of anger, be measured. Some sins between creatures will likely be multiplied by ten, others by twenty or hundred, etc depending on many factors; but certainly not one to one, because even attempted sins between creatures can be multiplied beyond one.
What is conscientious punishment before religious books and our law books? When two siblings fought at home, you must punish the guilty enough or it will repeat. When your neighbors’ child forcefully take the lunch money of your child, the punishment and education may determine if it will repeat. You have to remember the fear+ caused… The most kind ones may recover the money and advise, plus mildly punish on the first occasion. If it repeats, you must raise the penalties, deny or reduce the culprit’s lunch money for one to four weeks , and give a portion to the victim as restitution or the victim may fight in ways we may not like. Ch.55 talks about balance and every sane mind understands both under punishing or over punishing can occur, and under punishing sins between creatures is often the collective sin of humankind; and we often over punish and lack patience on personal sins?
The corrupt African worker may be under the mindset of mistaken religious misinterpretation. God is actually harder on sins between creatures than average human beings, and I learned that in the hard way. So do not think you punched someone  hard over words mean same exact punch? No, smart humans who caught you on camera should demand lot more  than the six months or so as assault in many countries. Much smarter and stronger angels may punch you ten or xyz times stronger, or a stroke and other sicknesses. Sins between creatures can bring earthly karma, so stop thinking your good deeds can pay for such… You may be punished on all intentional sins between creatures, in one form or another, and again it may include vivid or mysterious earthly punishment. God may choose the vivid ones if He loves you and it was by mistake, but he may mysteriously punish you to further blind you if you refuse to stop sins between creatures.
 If someone steals thousand dollars, does it make sense for the law to charge only thousand dollars? Then , once you have thousand dollars in the bank, you can gamble stealing under thousand at a time and risk nothing when caught? How will we pay the judge, the police, and other workers? Above all, what message are we sending to you and others through punishment? Learn, do not repeat, and go warn those you love. Sins between creatures are extremely hurtful even when heard, so the ripple effects in atoms weight of ch.99 can come after the culprit(s). As such, we call for culture of cameras to possibly help both potential victims and culprits. The rest of hell should be filled with disbelievers and those who abuse personal rights, not those we can confront to leave sins between creatures… Every camera you bought is thanks to the God of anti sins between creatures to help the best and cast fear on the greedy and arrogant who fear humans than angels? Then you further teach them, appreciate a protection God gives on and beyond cameras, and God may find other ways to deal with the sinners…
Financial corruption is not the only form of sins between creatures , which is largely due to greed. However, stealing is a huge problem in Africa+, it even affects investment opportunities. So a God, governments, or people  who truly love African children will help Africa+ with strong culture of cameras , better educators, and smarter laws that are stern on all sins between creatures. Bad driving, leaving animals destroy gardens, bad sellers beyond hygiene, theft, vandalism, laziness,  etc can all see a significant reduction with heavy investment on cameras by civilians and/or governments. I do not buy the excuses that people are struggling for food, because every day people are stealing equipment that are ten or xyz times worthy or more expensive than the cameras that can get cheaper. Although, I prefer civilians owning and controlling cameras than governments, I fully support Government heavy spending on cameras for government and civilians. Urge them if they refuse to think. Take fifteen percent of arms budget, shift ten or thirty percent of road projects, twenty percent of women affairs budget, etc towards huge camera factory or shop, then loan it on instalments similar to fertilizer and xyz loans.
You remind us security is vital when you are ready to abuse citizens; you promise us harder punishment against marijuana users and other personal sins than sins between creatures ? Since you are lawmakers and executive branch folks, how are you going to help the judiciary with evidence mean more than ‘who’ you will install and ask to gamble lives without enough evidence? Cameras are not just for punishment, it deters and facilitate deep studying of character , from home, street, office and beyond. It is rather sad some may claim it is just the private sector who should do such, but resist even  if mighty u.s or if world bank use weak home politicians on such stands. The same weak religious folks who misinterpret many things , oppose marijuana legalisation, they may argue ‘Islam loves privacy’ up to sins between creatures and  neglect the guarding of public places? Remind them the cameras of the Lord and Angels can take lot more than our cameras they under forwarded as gift and we are slowly and reluctantly accepting cameras? Anytime a camera caught a bad person, thanks to someone who invested or urged , but your personal urges to government, people, and investment or plans to are on record.
Beside governments, I urge rich folks in neighborhoods, diaspora groups, and even VDCs to consider bulk buying of cameras, to try to value security like or better than best of governments and people. Guard yourselves and properties with time based blessings like cameras, not just prayers and complaints. Urge the sitting governments, from president, minister of interior, minister of justice, health, etc, but also all opposition leaders on their views and present investments and urgings on cameras? Things like security, health, and other things culture of cameras may help with is not primarily for trading blames, but a shared responsibility. We have seen political parties sending rice or xyz to citizens for votes; but which Gambian, African, or xyz political party will open a big camera shop or even loan one constituency enough cameras as study? I will trust that party may work on security, justice, etc than parties that urge or refuse to urge government and people to invest on cameras. Let’s move beyond trading blames, complaints, or even blaming Satan — let’s invest to catch the visible Satans than catching fish… May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.
By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.
Optional note:
Although we must first teach, then second classify, then gradually raise punishment where need be. Meaning, ask and teach the children, not just order. A child who is guilty of stupidity, should be taught and forgiven, not shout at, nor beaten. A child or teenager who is guilty of lying, caught on camera, should be punished smartly, up to but avoiding beating. A child or teenager who is guilty of cruelty should be severely punished , but also proportionately and through a professional or under the video conference by professionals. Having cameras in the household is great, and again for learning than punishing. Fear may tell you privacy, but you need to know especially when you have multiple children of close age. Even children know punishment of sins between creatures should not be one to one , especially where they are victims. Ask them how to punish where they are victims, record it, and punish on ‘should’ more than ‘wants’ when they become culprit. Under punishing of sins between creatures is indeed why many children and adults take laws into their own hands… However, because humans hate pain so much , even far less than one to one if employed on time, we can wean children from cruelty. One of my favorite niece use to bite and I will also slightly bite her when she bites, plus words until she stopped. Biting is more direct teaching than using other pinching tools, or use both if it persist at certain age.
I think the education aspects can be universal if we value truth over intelligence or kindness, but truth certainly exists to minimize pain and maximize happiness, so it is never oppose to kindness, especially long term. So let governments make recommendations, let professionals agree  different approaches matter, and let parents understand fear, greed, and arrogance are human problems , but actually existed before the creation of humans, and we may totally or largely wean ourselves such with time…
Teenagers are the most sensitive aspects of punishment. They do not have to be punished publicly or shamed, but they should not be allowed to get away on any, any, any ! form of sins between creatures, especially actions. Meaning, although we recommend patience on words, we must use harder words and other appropriate means where teenagers are caught on camera with bad words. Even a teenage girl who voluntarily make porn where it is illegal, she should be proportionately punished, not rewarded. Similarly, teenage boys who punch over words should be educated and punished.
Within categories, a chart of level one to ten type of lying or cruelty and options of punishment should be given to parents and professionals. If it is a severe crime or punishment , the parents should not be allowed to carry it, but a community worker. Like adults, parents should never be allowed to punish children without evidence like cameras or enough trust worthy people as witnesses. However, parents who have video evidence can punish within the recommended charts and report it for further studies. I understand the over punishing by parents led to total ban of beating children, but sins between creatures are different and the earlier we teach people how dangerous they are, the better a favor we are doing them. It is sad that many African+ parents still heavily punish children over stupid choices, I do not condone that, but teach and teach the hard way when children lie or commit cruelty. Similarly, It is sad that many African+ Governments heavily punish adults over stupidity or alleged stupidity (personal rights), but our focus should be on sins between creatures.
So let the best of secular and religious folks  reteach the people and government towards a much better world and ask the God of Action to realize the beautiful thoughts and words that must precede actions. May He realize asap, because even our earthly life is precious and we sure do not want our children to suffer the wrath of bad folks, angels or God Him self. May He forgive, but even more guide towards sweet achievements.
Optional note 2:
When a child is late at school, ask why before you punish and never physically beat over such. Once the child is late repeatedly in a week , month, or xyz; then detain in a camera room and s/he can leave on specified time. The adult African who comes to work late was under taught, under thought, over beaten or under beaten over late? Millions of westerners and rising thousands of Africa are respecting time and avoiding time theft. Negotiate a salary, but let cameras and systems deduct two to ten times of time you came late; plus other forms of punishment if you persist or refuse to learn. Urge it for government, employer, or pledge it when God bless you to own a company — and send me charity to buy more home cameras for my home or xyz? Africans+ do not value teachers or how much you value what I give you over the praise singers and your wives with expensive dresses, jewellery, and gadgets thief may steal until cameras are every where? Or is the u.s, especially rich black Africans or their white or xyz children who should partner with me on camera factory than with the Chinese or Indians ?
When body cameras are own in u.s  or xyz than the guns of the world, then the rest of the world may copy or just praise u.s? Well Uruguay led marijuana legalisation, so let Rwanda, the Gambia, Ghana, or xyz heavily invest on cameras and consider fine sharing to encourage money focus Africans and deter another money focus Africans+? The God of security Cameras reportedly inspired a black woman, called Marie Van Brittan Brown, to make security cameras before whites and Chinese, but how and why blacks under support and upgrade on her innovation? Buy and/or build the factories, blacks are not cursed, we just need to push harder in the right direction. Speed matters, move from the talking, and help the willing ones to join hands and help the righteous blacks and change or fight against the guilty blacks+…..
As a man of God, kindness prefer learn or ‘Ihqrah’, but work with God on those who refuse to learn. So we will also imprecate or have negative prayer on those who continue on sins between creatures. God may give devils respite, but please not on our expense. Even though many Quranic verses show God does earthly punishment, many people wrongly assume their evil choices is to be assessed after death or can be forgiven without details? Asking vague forgiveness at festivals will not help you , at least with some. God, You claim to be just and kind God, so please help us with cameras on kindness for justice; and let it deter preferably, but punish along where need be. Also do pre-emptive strike on criminals who want to hurt me or even police and anyone who try to hurt me. Send them birds with baked clay, stroke, or any thing befitting to deter them from harming me in any way, including their efforts to give me unnecessary stress. Bless me way above them.
Stop the bad ones or Send the bad ones to the ones who refuse to act on buying cameras and help those who are trying on actions of at least sharing, because wishing and words are two low stages. I want the God of action to give me a raise and better fans and partners; and bless us more than you may curse our opponents and enemies. Let us smile lot more and in more realistic peace, and help us free the people from those who commit sins between creatures in very vivid ways. Considering some of them are misled or children, please help educate them or help me or any great mind educate them.
Optional note 3:
From humans to Jinns, or even some animals : God’s curse be upon creatures guilty of sins between creatures until they repent and join me fight against the guilty; tell them to change or before it is too late. Some say why do I have to involve the Just God, they want me to pay or beg unjust human judges? My cameras cannot capture guilty jinns or even some humans in u.s or xyz, so the cameras and other abilities of the able and just God can precisely work with or without my desires? Where I do not use proportionately, my God still knows I want him to educate than punish people , especially children and teenagers. At my age , I may still not know all sins between creatures, and still prefer to be taught gently or the hard way than to continue on any sins between creatures. Even when I was severely punished over ‘unwanted groping’ over an atheist, I saw it as a favor to me, because I rather understand and live right than live in gross ignorance. By the way, I was avoiding lying in a situation where many men would have lied, sometimes it makes me wonder if my refusal to lie was slightly impressive to God or how could a small body survive such a strike? I was helped in one or multiple ways.  Right choices are heaven in memories, so we ask guidance at least five times a day, and how many of us knowingly, unknowingly, or carelessly commit sins between creatures thereafter? If cameras caught you, then we will classify to judge or at least learn from each others mistake. Remember it is partly to learn and teach, not just teach the hard way.
Where as many Africans+ are very careful of words on sins between creatures , but deeds are much more vital. We are not with those who intentionally hurt others with words or actions. The unintentional aspects is our focus and we consider well meant words that may contain imperfection are worthy of forgiveness than negligent actions .  Is it truthful in The world of words matter most, but may we strive and attain intelligence, truth, and kindness in our choices.
When a government spends over hundred million dollars a year, and cannot show one  million dollars on security cameras until enough is attained, then how can they claim they respect time based security+ needs and public character? Similarly, when a home or company is worth over ten thousand dollars ; you must ask how can I protect the properties and people with cameras or keep investing on other products and obsolete or less efficient security means ?  Depending on others to buy cameras first and ignoring your quota to invest and urge beyond your neighbors is a standing. Helping even other countries embrace the need can positively bounce back to you through a just God. A caring God, or even caring people, cares about sins between creatures beyond wishes and words. So may we realize beyond self, but towards worldwide. It can start with urging from the UN regular session, security council, AU, EU, etc. Big evil countries sometimes dictate where small countries can spend money, so God’s curse be upon any country that tries to stop or delay worldwide culture of cameras. There is nothing wrong in mandating all vehicles to have cameras, they can sure afford it. Similarly are over fifty percent of rental properties, then urge where mandating may be hard. Those who fear government should buy cameras more than governments, plus your neighbors camera can protect you from government. We should neither fear cameras or government, but we should own more to control the narrative. When Nichol was killed in the u.s, imagine if his vehicle had multiple cameras, plus fifty or xyz of vehicles or home cameras could shed more light than police body cameras and government street light camera. We need social leaders urging people to buy body cameras and other cameras if they truly care. We need billions of cameras made than vaccines, guns, etc. Some may wrongly think it will make policing hard, but it will actually reduce crimes by civilians and eventually by police.
To the Christian world, it is very similar facts. The pastors or priests keep telling the people ‘Jesus died for your sins’, and that have an impact on people’s mind set. We can re-educate, but as our cameras get many Christians, many will understand Jesus (pbuh) did not die even for your visible earthly sins and cannot save you on such on judgment day. JESUS (pbuh) preached conscience respecting, perhaps to the extreme considering words like , ‘ if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off…’  like Quranic verses should not be literally interpreted , but with conscience, the words of the prophets are hints trying to explain why we should be careful, especially on sins between creatures. May the Kind God help us respect personal rights, including worldwide marijuana legalisation; and help us significantly reduce sins between creatures, including a worldwide culture of cameras…
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