Six Home Remedies to Sooth That Sour Heartbreak

6 immediate remedies for a sour heartbreak

6 immediate remedies for a sour heartbreak
6 immediate remedies for a sour heartbreak

‘’I need space’’,

‘’It’s not you, it’s me’’,

‘’It’s not working, i want to be alone’’

Are you familiar with any of these? Am sure you are! Just in case you haven’t come across any of these, then welcome to the world of break-ups and separation. Sad as it is, many young couples have gone through this and the effects may be damaging. Whatever the causes of these break-ups are, it is how the individual copes with the aftermath that counts. Recently, there have been many instances of extreme reactions such as suicides and violence. Many unsatisfied and disgruntled partners turn to violence as a remedy to sour break-ups.Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website looks at a few immediate remedies for a sour break-up.

Que Sera ,Sera (Accept the reality)

‘’Que Sera, Sera translates to english as ‘’What will be, will be’’. It is the belief of many that everything that happens in this world does really happen for a reason and whatever is meant to happen will eventually happen. When we get ‘’dumped’’ or go through a very painful break-up, it’s the failure to accept that we have indeed lost and may never get back what we had that makes it even more painful. Many people, especially women usually take a long time to heal due to certain investments and sacrifices into the relationship. These sacrifices range from financial, emotional, psychological or even sometimes spiritual. Due to the level of commitment, many find it difficult to accept the harsh reality. Once you accept that the past is gone and that the future is more important, you begin to see things differently. If it is meant to be, it will surely be. Let it go!

Do something new

Now ask yourself when was the last time you tried something new? A new activity. Something you have always been afraid to try. This is the best time to try it out. Channel all your anger and pain into it and make the best out of it. For instance, you may have always wanted to learn how to swim or do a sport. When you feel down and broken hearted, this is the best time to do it. Doing the same old things may just bring back memories that do not help you move on. However, in an attempt to try new things, you may end up wasting time doing unnecessary things. Ensure that every activity you channel your energy into is profitable. You may develop new skills or improve on old ones by doing this.

The people factor

People are important, very important! Yes of course they are. Guess what the world would look like without people. And there are the kind of people who we call family. They are given to us by default, we don’t choose them. They are there for us no matter the circumstance. Spend lot’s of time with such people having a laugh or talking about fun things. The warmth alone will help you not to feel depressed. They can advice or comfort us as well. On the other hand, we find the group of close people we call friends. These set of people are not related to us by blood yet they have a very strong connection and bond with us in a very special way. Different activities with them help us heal more quickly. You can attend events with them, spend time at their homes, play games, chat, dance etc. You may at times even forget that you have just been hurt by someone you love.



If there has ever been one very sure tried and tested remedy for sour break-ups, then that should be travel. When you travel, it solves two problems at once. Just like killing two birds with one stone, you get to escape the environment of pain and hurt. At that very moment, the last thing you need is seeing the person who broke your heart over and over again. You never heal quickly like this. The second benefit of travel is just to go on an adventure, explore new places, see different people and take your mind off everything. Regroup and come back fresher and stronger to face life. Sometimes, all you need is just that time away. It gives you time to reflect and plan. SOmetimes, you may not have planned financially for this. You can then take a domestic tour. Just visit some places in Ghana you have never been. Take pictures, learn about the history and have a great new experience. Who knows, you may even return with another person sweeping you off your feet.


Now that you have gone through a few weeks of getting back up again, it’s time to restart your life. Everything you have worked on so far has to be put into practice. RESTART! Yes! It’s time to go again, start afresh. The old is past and behold the new has come. It’s about time you did some new things, made some new friends and changed the things that got you hurt in the first place. It’s a new beginning so make sure you have left all the past behind and don’t go back to it. A new opportunity to right all wrongs and be happy.


The last step! Often very important but many people tend to skip it. To live!!! After everything, you have to live. You are alive and that is great but after restarting, the next step is to live it up. Have more fun than you previously did, eat better than you were and be a better person overall. Make sure that you are living a life that your ex will regret leaving you. The best revenge to a heartbreak is better self development. Live and enjoy! Life is short indeed.

Credit : Bennet Otoo, Jumia Travel

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