Six Things You Can No longer Do On Flights


‘’I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away’’ – Robert Kelly

Every now and then, travelers hop into planes to move from one destination to the other. The purpose of travel and the type of aircraft may differ but the fact that aeroplanes offer the fastest commercial means of transport is what makes the aviation industry thrive. There are several things we may be used to doing in flights that we always thought were cool. Some may be normal on the ground but in the air , they are totally not cool. Ignorance they say. Is not an excuse. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website with great deals for hotels and flights across several destinations worldwide looks at a few things that you should never try to do on a plane. Take note.

Sleeping during takeoff or landing – Firstly, let’s be honest about this. Sleep is natural and may come to us when we don’t even expect it. However, there are times when we just cannot afford to sleep or doze off. Seriously, how can one fall asleep during the loud take offs and landings of airplanes? As mysterious as it may seem, it happens frequently. Have you ever felt uncomfortable during take-off or landing? This often causes dizziness, nausea, ear damage or even headache. Sleeping gives you less power over any other activity around you. Best suggestion will be to suck on a lollipop, chew gum or nuts or put on some ear plugs. You need to be aware of everything happening around you as take-off and landing are very crucial. Don’t fall asleep yet, there is plenty of time to doze off and wake up in another country a few hours later.

Sitting through the whole flight – Imagine sitting down for half a day on a direct flight. That seems long right? How about 22 hours ? Devastating to say the very least. That is just 2 hours short of a full day. Sitting for long slows blood circulation and set you up for blood clots, particularly in the legs. Consider moving around from time to time. Maybe to visit the washrooms or just to say hi to that pretty face or handsome guy. Of course that’s easier said than done for lazy people and those sitting in window or middle seats. No matter where your seat is on the plane, you can protect yourself by performing some exercises frequently. Make a lot of leg movements but ensure that you don’t inconvenience your sitting partner.

Declining a beverage – There is this general odd feeling about food and beverages served in flights. Aside the business class seats that come with some luxurious cuisines and winery, economy class seats in flights are often not served the best of meals and drinks. At least that’s what many people think. Due to this notion, many people reject food and drinks from cabin crew. Be careful what you decline because you need a lot of fluid when you are so high up in the air.Your body loses moisture each time you exhale and we get easily dehydrated by breathing at high altitudes.Remember, declining a beverage doesn’t make you any cooler, it causes harm to you. Request for water, some tea or coffee and keep refilling. That keeps you cool.

Excessive drinking – There is often the temptation to get soakingly drunk either before or during flights. This is usually the case for those who are afraid of height. They drink heavily to escape the fear of flying or aid in sleeping. Quite unfortunately, this can eventually make your sleep less comfortable, dehydrate you, give you a foul breather and cause a prolonged hangover that makes you irritable and lethargic. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer will just be fine. Leave the boozing for when you are on the ground. Then you can jump in a big pool of booze.

Holding it in until you get there – We have all been culprits here. Holding in urine or ‘’the other thing’’ for long periods until we are at a place of convenience that we are comfortable with is common to many people. This is however not good practice whether we are in the air or on the ground. Maybe, on ground, you can find a way out quickly but up there in the clouds, your options are very limited. The washroom in the plane is definitely not the most ideal but if you feel the urge to pee while you’re in the air, just close one eye and use it. If you keep it for too long, your urine can get stuck in the bladder for too long and you may end up with an infection or bladder disorder. Your entire trip may be ruined out of discomfort.

Loosening the Seat Belt – Seems like the coolest thing after you tighten it and the flight attendant finishes the routine check. In order to move freely, you just loosen it a bit and feel free to turn left or right during your sleep. It may be cool most of the time because nothing serious happens. Just one day, you may regret not having it firmly in place. When the plane is about to take off or land, you are better of with the seat belt firmly in place otherwise, you might end up hitting your head against the roof or the seat in front of you. Also carry a hand sanitizer always as many people touch different things before fuzzing with the seat belt. It may carry some bacteria and germs.

Credit : Jumia Travel

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