Skillful Ghanaian Artist, Kwame Osa showcases ” I See You ” artworks

Art Works

Skillful Ghanaian Artist, Kwame Osa has exhibited some meaningful artworks that tell different story ideas and thematic concerns in the society done in a form of paintings from his arts.

The event, which took place in Accra, brought together scores of arts enthusiasts living in Ghana to experience Kwame Osa’s skillful craftsmanship in the art industry.

Dubbed “I See You”, the art exhibition presented thought provoking images that illustrates humans day-to-day life encounter.

These arts were skillfully illustrated by Kwame Osa and was curated by Rima Fakhry, his manager.
The exhibition usually saw Kwame Osa projecting human faces as his subject of the art exhibition which ranged from their emotions, age and experience.

“I see You” exhibition was a conversation between real life painting that can confuse the audience with photography and contemporary painting done by the use of oil and acrylic, in Kwame Osa’s latest art collections.

The thematic concerns in the exhibition used by Kwame Osa in his illustrations emphasised on motherhood, child innocence and teen behaviour were the areas explored and are not highlighted in recent artworks.

According to Kwame Osa, anytime art is being mentioned or emphasised, the focus is shifted to music and film but the contemporary painting and photography sector also needs attention to be developed and help in showcasing artists work.

He called on government to build resourced art studios and places to host artist for exhibition and also support them with affordable materials needed.

Madam Rima Fakhry, Kwame Osa’s manager said the Artist is a gift to his nation and beyond, adding that, he uses thoughtful messages in connoting an agenda that confronts society.

She underscored that, the artist is always perfecting his style and gaining more knowledge in different artworks which would enable him to take the art industry to the next level.

According to her, art is a weapon and a tool for transformation which makes people think outside the box.
Stressing that, art makes people talk about social issues and the paintings are not necessarily to be appealing but rather must be thought provoking to make individuals question the wrong things around him.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah

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