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When someone spell CakePHP a flash strikes in our mind, a PHP framework, rather a good framework. Albeit PHP has innumerable frameworks, serving different purposes, but CakePHP as a knack to beat the most of the requirements of small and medium businesses and likely projects. Actual success is not only depends on the features and tools offered by the frameworks but its right implementation is matters more when some challenges we approach.

Impeccable features of CakePHP is making CakePHP development famous among the PHP developer community as well as among the clients and people by and large. Therefore, most of the clients are inclined to CakePHP if they are well aware of the development trends. Among this applauding voices we forget that whatever the powerful framework you use but the right development techniques and experience are sought after for a definite success in the market.

Here, CakePHP web programmer is the center of all talks because she should have all qualifications to lead the CakePHP web development project towards success. Therefore, when you approach a good CakePHP web application development company you must take a thorough interview of the CakePHP developers to whom you are going to hire. In depth technical knowledge can be judged by the features and functionality they have offered in their web development portfolio.

If get impressed by so many features and functionality incorporated in their projects then this only one criteria is not sufficient but you should opt for the real needs of the targeted audience and the requirements of clients or their businesses should be met well.

Thus, smart CakePHP programmer will not load the bunch of unwanted features and functionality but will carry thorough research over the target audience and will try to get in depth knowledge of the businesses of their clients so they can give only needed.

Smart CakePHP website programmer will not do coding giving a second thought over the code and code standards. Clean, compact and comprehensive coding is a good sign of the smart CakePHP website developers. If the coding of your project is not futuristic then you will likely face many problems in the future where you have to take help of other CakePHP developers or want to give a maintenance contract to the reputed CakePHP development company.

Apart from coding side a smart CakePHP web application developer should have knack for other aspects of developments like usability and user experiences of the web application or website. However, crafting good UIs are function of visual designers but make them live is sole responsibility of the CakePHP programmers. Thus quality development happens when programmer do appropriate coding and give excellent user experiences.

As far as CakePHP website development is concern the search engine visibility is big issue for the all owners so SEO fundamentals should be initiated from the foundation and smart CakePHP web app programmer also incorporate latest SEO features according to the nature of the application. Giving Meta information, search engines friendly URLs generation, rapid loading and many performance issues need enough attentions at the very beginning stage of the development. Therefore, smart CakePHP developers always attend them carefully and make marketing easy.

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