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Smoking Increases Risk for Numerous Health Conditions – Dr. Emmanuella Boye

Dr. Emmanuella Boye
Dr. Emmanuella Boye

Dr. Emmanuella Boye, a medical practitioner at the Wa Municipal Hospital, highlighted the significant health risks associated with cigarette smoking, stating that it contributes to various medical conditions.

Dr. Boye made these remarks during a Wa Konnect meet-up on Sunday, May 19, 2024. Wa Konnect is an initiative by the GhanaThink Foundation aimed at promoting the development of Wa and Ghana through mentorship, networking, training, and volunteering.

The meet-up was part of GhanaThink Foundation’s Clean Air Ghana Project, titled “Galvanizing Youth Advocacy to Tackle Air Pollution,” supported by the Clean Air Fund. The project aims to raise awareness about air pollution’s impact and foster discussions on its causes and solutions.

“Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for many medical conditions,” Dr. Boye emphasized, explaining that inhaling hot smoke from cigarettes leads to lung issues and critical conditions such as heart and neurological diseases. “The nicotine in cigarettes triggers inflammation in the lungs, leading to scarring and fibrosis. Smoking contributes to hypertension, diabetes, strokes, heart failures, heart attacks, and kidney failures,” she elaborated.

Dr. Boye warned that everyone is at risk, especially naive smokers and those exposed to second-hand smoke or smoke from cooking with charcoal and firewood.

Mr. Minkailu Silinba, a waste recycling enthusiast, advocated using plastic bottles to create eco-bricks for construction and decoration, reducing waste and promoting clean air. He highlighted the potential of eco-bricks for community projects, such as building urinal pits for schools, to prevent waste burning.

Mr. Silinba, whose YirSaala venture recently won a prize from the Kosmos Innovation Centre AgriBiz Build-Up Challenge, also promoted using agricultural waste to produce smokeless briquettes, reducing waste and air pollution.

Wa Konnect
Wa Konnect

Ms. Rahinatu Haruna, Resource Lead for GhanaThink Foundation and community lead for the Clean Air Ghana Project, emphasized leveraging social media and community leaders to influence decisions towards reducing air pollution. She noted that Konnect meet-ups are crucial platforms for encouraging environmentally friendly choices.

Ms. Haruna added that discussions on clean air were not limited to Konnect meet-ups but also extended to other community gatherings.

Mr. Ambrose Wawai, a Wa Konnect member, urged the public to incorporate trees into their building designs instead of felling them, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

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