So going to IMF is good after-all?


Seriously, if Nana Akufo Addo had not become President of Ghana, I wouldn’t have known that going for an IMF bailout is a good thing. Today, the NPP are going on radio and TV and justifying why it is good to seek help from the IMF. They are proud to say even our neighboring countries are all going to the IMF, as if we have the same economic wealth or we had the same help from COVID-19 donations.

Do you guys remember what the NPP’s Bono Regional Chairman, Abronye DC, said about going to IMF in 2016 when the NDC went there? Those words are very unprintable but for the sake of this article, I will print them here. (If you need a copy of that video as evidence, please let me know)

Abronye DC said in 2016 that going to IMF means you don’t have the brains to rule your country, and that the IMF should give you the brains to rule your country. Also you go to the IMF to tell them that you are in big financial mess and unless they come in, anything terrible can happen to your country.

When Abronye DC and the NPP were saying this on TV and radio, they made Ghanaians believe that the worse thing to happen to a country is to seek an IMF bailout. Do you remember this same Finance Minister and his deputy told us Ghana is not going to the IMF because the consequences of going to the IMF is dire?

Is Nana Akufo-Addo aware that his Finance Minister is in China going to beg them to forgive us some of our debts? This is after Nana Akufo Addo on a world platform, had told African leaders to stop begging for loans and forgiveness of loans. Such an unprincipled President.

The Finance Minister had told us that if we don’t go through with the IMF bailout by the end of March, Ghana’s economy, which has already collapsed, will collapse. Today is March 24, so we have one more week to end the month. Would the President have the courage and decency to tell us what to expect on April 1, 2023?

How Nana Addo thinks the person who got us into this mess. is the same person who will get us out amazes me. How some Ghanaians think the same political party that got us into this mess, is the same political party that will get us out surprises me big time.

If Abronye DC and the NPP told us in 2016 that it was evil to go to the IMF but in 2023, they are telling us it is a good thing to go there, should tell you that the people in that political party are not principled. They are evil and not fit to live in a developed, peaceful country. Period.
Mahama reba.

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