So Is This How They Have Been Running This Country Of Ours All Along?


From: Stephen Nyako

So if there was no contract with the Spanish firm , Isofoton, which is currently claiming damages from Ghana Government for breach of contract, and Ghana’s own information Minister is supporting them, what does this mean for Ghana?

Does it mean there was and still? NO CORPORATE CONTRACTS REGISTER for the whole state of Ghana?
What koraaaa is this?
Are these leaders running a country or some way side vulcanising business? Eeeeiii Ghana. So for all their perks and expensive and ostentatious lifestyles funded by the Ghanaian tax payer what have these half wits got to show for their service to the nation of Ghana?
I have been telling you guys these guys in charge have not got what it takes to run a modern state. They have not got the wherewithall.
Yaw, my friend the Contracts Manager with vast experience , I know you are currently in Ghana for Good, ?but I know you can’t help, though you are willing, because they will say you are a Dual Citizen, British and Ghanaian therefore not eligible..
Source: Stephen Nyako
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