Social media image and the future it holds

SOCIAL MEDIA, YOUR IMAGE AND YOUR FUTURE …excites like a swing, stings like a bee

Social Media Social Networking Technology Connection Concept
Social Media Social Networking Technology Connection Concept

The recent increase of leaked sex-tapes in Ghana has sparked a lot of debates as to where our generation is heading towards. The issues of “sexting” by sending sexy text messages, nude pictures and video to our partners is catching on like a wild fire, especially among the younger generation.

Social mediaPeople basically do it based on trust in a relationship and don’t often think of it as taking any risk. For most young people, they are just being flirtatious to keep their relationship connected, especially as some modern relationships tend to be long distance ones. They however forget that the relationship can come to an end, and people can actually blackmail you once they have nude pictures or videos of you.

Social media has indeed become part of contemporary living, and considering how diverse our society has become, one does not have a choice but to adapt to it in order to stay connected with friends and family, both home and away. Social media has so many positive sides and has been a great blessing to humanity. Lots of people have taken advantage of Facebook, Instagram, and twitter to establish multinational companies.

The down-side however, is that, some people abuse social media, and ignorantly indulge in practices that have dire consequences on their future. Research done by the, Oregon state university in 2014 showed that women who post sexy pictures of themselves online are seen to be less competent and may affect their chances of getting employment.

Thanks to social media we can now watch and share our experiences with family, friends, loved ones and the entire world. However social media has brought its own pressures, like the desire to look good online, and to come across as funny and interesting. The more time we spend on social media sites like facebook and instagram comparing ourselves to others, the more depressed we become and the more we lose our self esteem.

We forget to take into account that a lot of what we see, especially from brands and celebrities, is carefully orchestrated. It’s not real life. Even our friends and family (and ourselves) tend to only post the best versions of ourselves and our lives. The crazy trend on social media is made popular by the Kardashians; an American family that rose to fame after a sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian, the wife of popular American hip hop artist, Kanye West.

The family now has its own television reality show – ‘keeping up with the Kardashians,’ which chronicles their daily life for the whole world) and even in Ghana, social media sensations like Moesha Budong where they show off their huge or well curve backsides, is a contributing factor to the crazy desires by young women to get such ‘asses’. People go to lengths of having breast and buttocks implants just to feel better about themselves, paying a high price both financially and medically. Those who cannot afford the medical surgeries resort to wearing fake hips and buttocks enhancers. Bleaching is also on the increase just because of social media and the perception of what people consider as beautiful online.

One critical thing I find very disheartening is how much social media is misleading us into adopting foreign cultures. We see people dressed as hippies with torn jeans, tattoos, and crazy hairstyles in the name of looking good. The most absurd fashion statement so far, which I cannot really fathom, is how on earth women will go out wearing a ‘camel toe’. A ‘camel toe’ is a slang that refers to the outline of a woman’s ‘labia majora’ in tightly fitting clothes.

Owing to a combination of anatomical factors and the tightness of the fabric covering the area, the crotch and mons pubis may display a shape resembling the forefoot of a camel. Camel toe commonly occurs as a result of wearing tight-fitting clothes, such as shorts, hot pants or swimwear. Some ladies actually imitate this style, while those who are less endowed with a natural camel toe even wear fake ones and walk on the streets in leggings and crop tops that display the shape of their private parts.

Another troubling effect of social media on our culture is how people who chance upon accident scenes just ignore the victims and rather take pictures to share online. Some of the pictures can be horrifying and they do so without regard for victim’s dignity, or his or her family’s emotional state. In most cases people post pictures of victims of disasters at the point of their death, alongside when they were alive. Maybe their intention is to show how flicking life can be, but these pictures can cause more emotional damage than bring relief to the emotionally traumatised.

Sure, the time has come to re-consider how we use social media. Your presence on the various social media sites can even pose a security threat to a person, because posting pictures of yourself at every location will help criminals such as kidnapers and stalkers track you down.

Before you post your next image on your facebook wall or instagram, think about the effects it will have on your future, the people who are going to watch, your self-image and esteem, and that of others associated with you. Remember, Google and icloud has become next to God, it is all knowing and things posted on it can be hidden and retrieved years later. Once your image goes online, it stays forever.

Source: Evelyn Addor/Public Agenda

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