Whether on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, using a second screen to tweet about TV is becoming a common occurrence – and it is called “chatterboxing”.

According to a survey conducted by TV Licensing, those aged 18-24 are the biggest uptakers of chatterboxing, with 46% of people who use social media taking part.

But the 25-34s are catching up – with 43% now chatterboxing, and in the 35-44 age range, 31% are already using second screens.

Communications manager Dan McLoughlin has been chatterboxing for months.

He said: “It makes TV such a social experience. We don’t often sit with family or friends to watch TV any more, so it makes it social.

“On these panel shows like X Factor or Strictly (Come Dancing), I value the comments of my friends and other people tweeting – and celebrities – more than the actual people on the panels themselves.

“I’m more excited by what happens on Twitter than what’s on the programme itself.”

Broadcasters are getting wise to this. They have realised if many people are tweeting about a programme while it is on air, more people will read about it, then tune in.

Social TV applications have been developed specifically for second screens.

On apps like Zeebox, Miso or Getglue you can tweet next to a live TV feed.

This is where money can be made because some of these apps have “click to buy” options, so users can directly purchase products advertised on TV.

Emma Mulqueeny, from developer network Rewired State, said: “With adverts, people can now pause and fast-forward.

“So advertising through television needs to become more clever and more directive marketing, bearing in mind what people are talking about.

“It’s difficult to guess what this is going to be like in two or even three years’ time.

“I think what we can see is that it is evolving very fast and the way that people choose to entertain themselves now, is not just listening to the radio during the day and watching the television in the evening.

“It’s far more about getting their news online, some on television, talking about it, recording it… so television is going to become a tool that is in our suite of entertainment.”

source: skynews

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