Sodom and Gomorrah, haven for criminals

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Sodom And Gomorrah, Haven For Criminals

We condemn the murder of the Fidelity Bank staffer at the Accra suburb of Odorkor and entreat the police to get to the bottom of the matter so that justice is meted out appropriately and without undue delay.

We would also like to applaud the Greater Accra Regional Police Command for the swift manner in which they responded to the bloody crime and the arrest of the principal suspects.

It is beyond our ken why some people can be so wicked and callous as to have their fellow human beings murdered in cold blood the way the banker was killed: his offence was that he insisted on collecting a refund of the money he had paid for accommodation because he had been hoodwinked.

Besides expressing our disgust at the act of brutality meted out on the banker and the role of the couple who it turned out did not even own the house they pretended to be letting to the deceased, we wish to ask that the existence of the slum, that is, Kokomba Market which extends to Sodom and Gomorrah, be looked into by the authorities as a matter of urgency.

The hatching of the plot and engagement of the sex worker, who allegedly arranged for the killers from the slum, speak volumes about this part of the nation?s capital which acts as a haven for criminals of all shades. The slum has not been helpful to security management in Accra.

It can be concluded without apprehension of contradiction that this slum remains the source of not only armed robbers and hired assassins, but a conduit for the movement of illegal arms to the northern parts of the country.

We do not seek to inform the authorities about something they already know, but to ask that they muster the necessary courage to take a decision that would change the status of the location under review.

The political will to take such a decision is lacking, and we find it shameful, more so when the interest of the general public is threatened by such feet-dragging.

We recall the plan to relocate the market to a place on the Accra/Nsawam Road and how the courage to order the final movement to the place has stalled over the years.

We are paying for the feet-dragging by the political establishment as criminals with varying degrees of callousness hide in the convenience of the slum and strike in the dead of the night on an assortment of deadly missions such as the murder of the banker.

We join the Police in calling on our compatriots to provide the necessary information about the other accomplices in the murder of the banker.

To the bereaved family, we pray that God bestows on them the fortitude to bear the unexpected loss.

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