Sodomy and ordination of women – tools of self-destruction of the Church


Cardinal Müller, who personally participated in the synod in October, stated: “All is being turned around so that now we must be open to homosexuality and the ordination of women. If you analyze it (ie synodal texts), all is about converting us to these two themes.”

Let us realize first what situation the Church finds itself in being led by an invalid pope, who is carrying multiple spiritual curse, namely anathema, for proclaiming the false gospel (comp. Gal 1:8-9). Blessing of homosexual unions is an open rebellion against God. As a consequence of the ordination of women, not only deaconesses, but also priestesses and female bishops will be ordained. Those have a prospect of becoming female cardinals and can be selected to be female popes. Let us imagine that female bishops will ordain priests and bishops. This all is a part of the agenda of a satanist Bergoglio in order to create an irreparable chaos.

Consistent with promoting LGBTQ ideology, transsexuals will also become priestesses and female bishops. Even other types of LGBTQ persons will have the right to be ordained to be priests. That will however be Satan’s hierarchy of a new generation of pseudo-priests and priestesses, and in the place of Christ’s Church will be satanic anti-church as a revolt against Christ and His gospel.

Historically, the female deacons were not the first step towards a sacramental priesthood. Female deacons served the sick, orphans, or were engaged in the charity works in the past. Selected women still perform this service in the Orthodox Church to this day. A deacon in the Orthodox Church is diametrically separated from the diaconate of women. A woman is not allowed to even enter into a priestly space, and whilst entering a temple, she has to cover her head.

50 years of promoting the feminism in a society have caused major decadent changes. The feminization had a catastrophic impact on the institution of family. It manifested as a wave of mass divorces, millions of abortions, spreading of sodomy and related juvenile justice and providing of stolen children to so-called adoption to the same sex couples. The feminization sped up demoralizing and satanizing of the young people. This tragic agenda of the feminization within the Catholic Church accelerates spiritual and moral decay, which starts with the ordination of women.

Besides, due to their sensitivity, women are attracted to pagan pseudo-spirituality, linked to various forms of divination and superstitious practices. It is hard for them be freed from these connections with pseudo-spirituality, because they usually lack a healthy self-criticism and reject criticism from others. They are more inclined than men to manipulate others, have tendencies to vindictiveness, gossip, are easy to be offended and attract attention to themselves. And what would a sacrament of reconciliation with so-called priestesses look like? The seal of confession would be automatically revoked.

According to Catholic teaching and dogmatics, for a sacrament to be valid and effective, certain requirement must be fulfilled, otherwise the Holy Spirit is not active. In addition to a priest, bread and wine are needed for a liturgy to be valid. There cannot be oil or just water instead of wine, or a potato pancake instead of bread. The consecration would not come about. Equally, a person who shall receive an ordination to priesthood must meet condition laid forth by the Church. First of all, a priesthood candidate must be a man, as was determined by the Divine Redeemer Himself, when He established this sacrament.

Bergoglio, who has dedicated himself to Satan, cannot introduce a new style of pseudo-priesthood. How is it possible that a person who does not have the Spirit of Christ and who promotes sodomy, that is, rebellion against God, having thus excluded himself from the Church, is making the Church go through such a serious upheaval?

It is known that pagans, who offered sacrifices to the devil, had priestesses who were sacred prostitutes. In his plan to convert the Catholic Church into Satan’s anti-church, Bergoglio has prospectively accounted for all this.

Concerning the universal priesthood, connected with holy baptism, the Apostle writes: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, … a people belonging to God.” (1Pe 2:9) “I urge you … to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship.” (Rom 12:1)

In addition to the universal priesthood, there is also the ministerial priesthood, which was instituted by Jesus Christ. During the consecration, the priest pronounces the words of Christ, and at the same time represents Christ, he is the alter Christus, when he pronounces: “This is My Body, this is My Blood.”

Lack of the clergy is a sign of spiritual decline. If repentance and a living faith are preached, there will be enough priests and enough believers.

The shortage cannot be compensated for by the ordination of women, which would be no ordination anyway, because the Holy Spirit would not work in this pseudo-sacrament. Women, who were not appointed by Christ for this ministry, could in no way change bread into the Body of Christ and wine into His Blood. Thus it would not be a sacrament, but an embarrassing religious spectacle.

Bergoglio’s women’s ordination agenda is part of a plan to destroy the sacrament of the priesthood, and thus also the Holy Eucharist. Moreover, Bergoglio degrades the Eucharist by incorporating pagan rituals, and therefore the pagan spirit into the liturgy. The question is whether such a liturgy will still be valid after such changes.

Furthermore, we ask what the point is of such a liturgy if, on top of all this, Bergoglio calls for Holy Communion to be administered to everyone, everyone, … including unrepentant sinners. By doing so, he publicly forces them into committing the grave sin of sacrilege, which incurs God’s punishment. Thus, ordaining women, administering Holy Communion to unrepentant sinners and introducing pagan elements are tools of destroying the divine liturgy. The chaos is to be completed by abolishing priestly celibacy. Bishops and priests are to be transformed into servants of Satan. We ask: To whom will such a blasphemous sacrifice be offered? To God or to the devil?

And we also ask: Will such a reformed liturgy be a source of blessing or curse? Definitely not blessing. From time immemorial, the holy liturgy, whose central focus is on the making present of the Calvary sacrifice, has led to the holiness of life and disposed a person to fight against sin. But what will be the result of this pseudo-liturgy? Bergoglio cancels sin and God’s commandments. Jesus shed His blood for the forgiveness of sins. The Bergoglian pseudo-liturgy with the spirit of sodomy and following the reforms of Bergoglio, who is dedicated to Satan, is a gross blasphemy against God. The pseudo pope brings a different spirit into the liturgy so that it is no longer a true sacrament. Without the Holy Spirit, the sacraments are ineffective and invalid.

God’s Word says that where there is a change of priesthood, there is a change of law. This referred to the change from the Old Testament priesthood to the New Testament priesthood. Bergoglio, however, is changing God’s laws into sodomite anti-laws while seeking to introduce a new kind of priesthood, a pseudo-priesthood. There is already an unclean spirit at work, the spirit of the devil, to whom Bergoglio has dedicated himself in Canada and whose agenda he pursues. Just as the change between the old and new covenant was accompanied by a change in the priesthood, so now Jorge Bergoglio, in changing the new covenant into a covenant with Satan, links it intimately with a change in the priesthood, that is, with the ordination of women as priests and bishops. The Church of Christ is to become the anti-Christ system of the synagogue of Satan.
Time is short. God’s call still resounds today: “O My people, come out of Bergoglio’s Babylon!”

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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