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Soft and Hard Power Usage, from Individuals to Governments


How Individuals and Governments use Soft and Hard Power for Good and Bad

According to the corrupt and arguably still the most honest western politician, of recent times, Mr. Barrack Obama, claims, ‘America has two powers: Soft and Hard power. The honest reality is universities and history taught many of us about these two powers, but President Obama stating it on Television give others the opportunity to learn before or without the mentioned schools of thoughts. Obama limited his discussion on foreign affairs influences, but the two are used similarly at the national level; he also limited soft power to mean finance, but soft power can include other forms of powers. Beside governments, individuals did use soft and hard power long before governments, but the negative aspects of individual’s use of such is now reduced by good and questionable government laws. Sex is one good example where humans used soft and hard powers in often bad ways. Considering both are powers and as the saying goes: ‘power corrupts and absolute powers corrupt absolutely’. The saying is far from accurate, but we will address that later. Humans actually operate on mindsets, words, and actions . So when conflict of mindsets occur, we should normally try to resolve it with words. Where words failed, people tend to use actions, necessarily and unnecessarily, rightly and wrongly. These same facts exist between governments.

Understanding mindsets and powers will greatly help us understand how good will have to eventually win evil. The basics of individuals are best understood by studying the different mindsets of men and women, plus why the differences through our limited knowledge. Both men and women have common and different types of powers and mindsets. Once we understand or agree the mindset is corrupted through fear, greed, and arrogance then we can eliminate power as the real source of corruption. Give me powers before weaning myself of the mentioned three roots of evil and I was corrupt to some degree, but give me million to billion folds of my present and prior powers and I will resist corruption and even help people resist? Give The same exact powers to different people and they will use it differently, because choice exists in both actions and reactions.

Two pretty women are flashing their soft powers to a marijuana guy and alcohol leaning guy, but a third woman and/or man are just witnesses? Do women have soft powers or how do they capture the mindsets of heterosexuals? Inaction due to fear, or Words of men from the religious, cultural, and Secular worlds towards the same women can vary very much. Since there are good and bad women, how can you decide which one or ones you will be tested with and for how long? A yes, means further testing ; but how will you handle a no? Some will beg, appeal to her arrogance; some will brag or bribe, appeal to her greed; some will arrogantly force, appeal to her fear? Sometimes it is neither yes or no , so you negotiate or read what is valuable time. Can you see the soft and hard power in the above sentences or are you still blind? The cultural eras have indoctrinated mindsets, but religions and governments are not free of indoctrination even on sexual matters. Conscience matters from actions to reactions, but many schools of thoughts justify fear, greed, and arrogance as intelligent or kindness.

A man who uses money to win an implicit or explicit prostitute is still a partial victim, or let him be tested with a woman of love to test his gratitude? If he takes or resists a prostitute until God gives him a good woman and he happens to fail through what, then how many prostitutes does he have to resist for a good God to offer a good woman, again? Similarly are women tested, and now LGBTQ is the worst offer to humankind? But how many western governments or mindsets claim LGBTQ police can arrest marijuana folks, polygamous, and men paying for diseases or what should have been free?

Money is the greatest temptation to women, men, and governments. Bad women want men to work and give them; bad men want children or others to work and give them, for the bad wife+; bad governments want all to work and give them? We should all learn and work for money, but sometimes certain powers or even hopes can make us neglect learning and working opportunities, want others to do such for us. The type of parents, local environment, and country or even world’s choices can affect how you see learning and working. As an adult, you use what you learned and help build a much better world, beyond your country. You can use words, but when or how will you use more explicit soft and hard power for more money or justice? Temptations are just challenging, it does not mean money, women, sex, or xyz is bad, but over valuing temptations can be very costly.

Now we can lean on governments and u.s is the government that significantly uses soft and hard powers to control mindsets or interest. Colonisation used mainly soft power, appeal to the greedy locals, and shots were hardly fired in most of Africa+. The few exceptions like South Africa is very complex to study, and history is sometimes not very accurate and harder to relate with. So using most recent verifiable history is easier. Once we agree, countries like the u.s may not be the best or worst country, then we can understand why u.s get involved in countries that may be much worse. We can also study where it fails and suggest or apply better ways.

The problem with all or most governments is focusing on financial interest than justice, governments are the biggest legal prostitutes. The good part of America is actually respecting or investing in learning and working than many countries. Of course we know how physical labor of slaves helped built America, but ‘brain drain’ of America and other Western countries need serious reform. We cannot blame it all on governments, people are largely prostitute minded. So soft power to collect individuals versus soft power to control countries exist. Maths is very crucial in the world of economics, but English (language) with leanings or focus can control mindsets. So if small Gambia has over one hundred thousand Gambians in u.s and Africa has millions in u.s. Real maths is how much they compulsorily contribute to u.s Economy, how much is their gross income, how much they voluntarily contribute in u.s, etc. Then come English or propaganda maths, how much they send back home, remittance, remittance, remittance.

OK honorable cabinet members, I did some maths and discover the millions of Africans in the u.s contributed five or xyz billion dollars this year, both directly and indirectly. We have also mutually benefited from their natural resources, which helped us gain another ten or xyz billion dollars from Asia or Europe. As such, let us consider 2.8 million dollars food aid to Africa until they learn to invest time and money on learning and working opportunities. It will seem like big money to them, their journalists and opposition leaders will fight over it, and seeking to run to us. We can attract their Elon Musks, they can be professors in some fields, or health workers for our sick people, or other low paying jobs until robots replace them. Honorable members, China and Russia are also using soft and hard powers. Like an individual prostitute wiggle her ass in ‘I am blessed’ until a man is rescued by a better woman, these African countries will claim we are attractive prostitutes, we have huge consuming population and producing humans who will be willing to die for products, not learn for products. Some think determination starts with working, not the learning as first commandment to Muhammad (pbuh) and humankind? have the sun for Tourism and we can copy a fraction of infrastructure, not innovate. We have culture of the past, no need to make new better conscientious cultures. By the way, this is classified information and if Jarga makes it as movie, we will accuse him of self hating blacks, homophobic, misogyny, etc. We have the mighty CNN and we control the social media, so only the God of marijuana can stop us , and we can delay that, or He will uselessly help them with only words on earth? Well, some part of their nature is beyond our grab, so let’s take big and give small in fun; totally or largely avoid help on learning , especially research; somehow avoid help working opportunities, except where we can help what percentage of Africans rise through export?

Soft power may not be very honest, but both parties are often to blame, just differently. Females have more Sexual powers than males, so the prostitute who gives little to male ‘slaves’ is the main culprit, but the victims who are not trying to be freed or not trying enough, or may even pity, ready to pay more, or praise prostitutes deserve what? Similarly, the western governments are far more powerful in the learning and working worlds and shaping world economics in very questionable ways; but Africans have enough power and learning from Asia as example to resist , invest where need be, import and even innovate character than products. Freedom requires bravery, so cowardly politicians, who may be guilty of greed and arrogant comparison to their predecessors and fellow guilty low level politicians may never know measuring with standards or comparing with the world, except in sports, sports, sports. Fun is one of the Trinity, sports is one part of fun, and each government ministry should measure up around the world under a just universal God, not African or xyz god. I don’t want to be a culprit, but sure do not want to be a victim. Seek God and the blessings of God, conscientiously.

Instead of past examples, the u.s is using soft power (money) to influence Africa on LGBTQ and their questionable media houses like CNN are leading the charge, but more of the females of the millions of Africans in the u.s who refuse to fight for worldwide marijuana legalisation, worldwide culture of cameras, decriminalising maximum of two on polygamy, legalising prostitutes to control and educate, etc are somehow supporting worldwide LGBTQ promotion than legalisation; from mindsets, words, and some are even on actions. We know women better than prostitutes exist, but worse than prostitutes also exist, so compromise with prostitutes where need be. My problem is not LGBTQ adults in private homes, but the lies and business against children on the issue, plus the censorship of adults up to losing jobs is worse than LGBTQ in my world. They are losing the war on words on LGBTQ, so they censor and proceed with soft power to appeal to the greedy or those fear of poverty. Churches that spend money on only pastors should not be helped, but urging to stop the funding of churches that help the children and poor over different mindsets on LGBTQ is very wrong and cruel.

Prostitute minded folks think everyone will react to how they react, but some of us are beyond Money, at least as individuals. Even the Donald Trump tapes admit some western women resist billionaires like him, due to marriage or other reasons. Some uneducated African maids may also resist unwanted sexual advances than some African ladies with western High school or degrees,

submit and ask money from society after, waste our time too. So the divide in character is simply beyond gender, race, or even countries. Nothing can be more illusory than claiming Africa kills or seriously harms one to two hundred LGBTQ because it is illegal, but a much higher number of American LGBTQ are killed or harmed after legalisation than before? Beside the mass shooting of LGBTQ clubs that mainstream media reports, they get attacked daily in legal states than Africa. Even one of my Facebook heterosexual friends was mistaken as homosexual and attacked in the u.s, and no police report may list such at times… It is much worse for governments to get it wrong than individuals. Symbolic laws do sometimes help and some countries can consider decriminalising, but legalisation of LGBTQ is risky, except with enough education that LGBTQ folks may ignore. The government cannot give you protection at times, so let sex be largely private beyond LGBTQ. People may harm you more than what the laws suggest, even if lgbtq is legalised. Rather than few in prisons for sex in public places than LGBTQ , we will have hundreds, thousands, or xyz in hospitals and prisons , and westerners will not foot even the financial bill, let alone the emotional bills. CNN or xyz hurt my emotions through horrific reporting, but want to hurt the minds of my fellow Africans with illusions and lies as kindness? Individuals use hard power on LGBTQ in good and highly questionable ways. On mere suspicion some attack innocent people; in private places, let God be a judge; in public places, confront them as sins between creatures. Their lies should also be confronted or they will mislead the children and censor adults with stress. Children do not need sexual mindsets or sexual words until they are about to have first heterosexual wet dream, or who remembers the sex and race of your first wet dream? The real heterosexual dream or reality that co-created you may be bigger than wet dream as test.

The LGBTQ business industry is huge and now against children, so shame on anyone who claims the west respects children. Internal soft power of government is dangerous beyond LGBTQ. Forcing businesses to perform operations they disdain is worse than rape, especially if LGBTQ folks and their friends will gladly do it. Then you fine or deny heterosexual working opportunities over non-life threatening work for LGBTQ? Force work is back and to satisfy a minority that is guilty of the very crimes they accuse others of? More Tolerance and more love are part of what LGBTQ lack. The cannabis criminalisation era used seizing compounds (houses) and other soft powers to subdue people. A big part of cancel culture is soft power and often based on claims and cowardly approach to words of different mindsets? Evidently, government soft power is beyond foreign affairs.

Hard power refers to military force, coups, assassination, etc. Just as individuals should avoid aggression, even more should governments. The honest reality is some aggression is due to financial greed, but some weaker governments do commit wrongs that warrant external intervention, including hard power. By exploring worldwide culture of cameras, worldwide mandatory education of up to twenty years , etc we can win a better world through words. Ch.100 of the marvellous Koran says, ‘And he is violent in his love for wealth’; but governments headed by women like Ms. Clinton, Palin, Thatcher, etc may be worse than average men. Some men and women are brave with their pens when they have men than women who want to kill as robots and hide their war crimes as ‘classified information’? Hard power is largely for wealth for those with eyes or believe in the Koran?

‘Honorable members of the Cabinet today I have one thing we can have ‘bipartisan’ support on, United States hard power against the world or just one or few parts of the world? I am your maths expert against human lives. This year I want to set a record on investing on killing machines, we are proposing a 858 billion dollar spending on our defence and offence budget, AKA government controlled businesses. We will help some controlled American businesses, the money will trickle down, the lost of lives will trickle down in another part of the World, and we will have rebuilding countries contracts. How many of you passed maths in this cabinet? Don’t worry, we have English teachers in mainstream and social media who will claim America is wasting billions, they are blind to the business their very countries support? Look! If Saudi Arabia and NATO buys/bought 200 or 800 billion dollar of weapons from us, the sales from the other countries is all profit. Our companies will pay back how much in taxes, donate to our parties, and get contracts we decide and negotiate with? They will beg to do business with us, like foolish men bent on a knee to propose, and if separation comes, they heavily pay to get divorce? We will never sell them our best weapons, we have to compete or Russia, China, France, or even Iran may collect billions through drone sales. Beyond Nuclear, Some industries should be exclusive clubs and the world consume our hemp products until they bravely legalise. Bravery brings money and intelligence, cowardice cost money and illusory protection/safety? Honorable cabinet members, even African countries will buy from us or we give one for the other to buy? We create competition and fear among them, and we win until that Dangerous Jarga get a movie deal we cannot stop. We will control his finance and connections, but will God help him or inspire many and we cannot stop all? Roosevelt said , ‘We have nothing to fear, but fear’; so let’s proceed with greed and arrogance until January 6 fearlessly re-attack or the God of Jarga sends us invisible drones far more deadly than Iranian drones? Our parties are not united or even discussing national or worldwide culture of cameras, so China and Florida laws against filming abusive cops can be ignored? Or we can hypocritically condemn China and Iran over similar laws? By the way, we sold lot of tobacco to Iran, should we sell them more hemp before considering sending them body cameras, for their questionable heroes?

Which countries are trying to compete our companies on body cameras, because China and Russia will not make such for civilians , and civilian freedom fighters can be stupid as Elon Musk? If 10 billion dollars of the 44 billion dollars on twitter was on invested on body cameras, then freedom of speech from multiple people will be lot harder to suppress? ‘

Beside sales is lack of consistent usage. When Ghaddafi questionably sponsored terrorism, president Reagan Bombed Libya and mocked Russia in resort choice. When Ghaddafi paid u.s and begged them, he lost protection from God? Ghaddafi was already questionable and becoming more questionable in trying to partner with u.s with no reasonable conditions. So Ms. Clinton or xyz used naive Obama on LGBTQ and Libya, and seemingly have a failed negotiation deal with the Iran she threatened to ‘obliterate’ months before becoming secretary of state? I have facts on words and actions, but my God have facts on even mindsets in the deepest sense. So Kerry did what Clinton could not or refused to do with Iran, but Trump hates Iran little less than Clinton? He killed one Iranian official and fear Iran can kill him than God can defeat him and kill him , and judge him than they hunt Assange and other truthful folks. Any government that hunts truthful folks is not worthy of supporting until they change. Iran is also a questionable state that disrespects vivid Verses of the Quran including ch.103 and the conscience God demands we raise in ch.91. Avoid being counted among the loss, then the God of ch.103 may protect you lot more as individuals and countries. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

I gave the best definition of Justice years ago or forward me a better one. Justice is power and choice for reward and/or punishment, and Justice is pregnant with a baby called Tolerance. This simple definition means power always come with choice, sometimes difficult or limited choices. The weakest living person have some power and choice, including choices; so the strongest person/country can make the wrong choice and be defeated, or study Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and others. It further means your choices lead to reward and/or punishment, that simply means possible ups and downs. When I claim justice is pregnant with a baby called Tolerance it means the two are separate and together, a miscarriage is possible , but less likely. Wiser is to nurture the baby Tolerance until delivery or judgement day, but let it be witness for you , not against you. Nurturing Tolerance requires knowledge and sharing knowledge, because Tolerance largely exists for possible learning. There are things you simply have to tolerate for others to think and grow, things you tolerate with mild teachings, and things you tolerate with strong teachings. Power does not corrupt, is the choice we judge. Balance power helps make better choices. Absolute power does not exist between humans, especially to the adults and countries you may try to indoctrinate such to corrupt their mindsets. God truly exists and do intervene, but you have to worth it. How you treat those less powerful matters, but once you worship those who are seemingly more powerful, then you reduce or eliminate your divine protection. Conquering fear or respecting the Verses that say ‘do not fear’ is not easy . When you want people to fear you, then you are almost tempting them to sin. Instead, you should want people to love you, or let only the guilty fear you, as God hinted He is.

As human beings , we are all prone to fear of few seconds through reflex, but letting fear take over you minutes to years is sinful. If you walk over me at night and shout, I will surely fear, dodge and see how to deal with the coward you are. This is because we all want to live and understand the dangers of this world and responsibility to fight back. Similarly, I know u.s or xyz have the power to track my exact position and have drones to kill me. Even more I know God can read their mindsets, change it, or kill them and harm even their supporters with invisible powers. So I just approach powerful folks and countries like u.s with love and truth, plus imprecations where need be. I try to build their characters with sincerity and understanding I will get paid for every effort. Rather than competitors, I see them as potential partners, but only if they are ready for universal truth and kindness, and partner against sins between creatures. I know they cannot give me close to what God gives me even on earth. I know death is too possible to be feared. So the wealth they are entrusted with is nice, but simply cannot corrupt me now and hopefully forever. I was not like this, it is some form of a growth; you try to wean from fear, greed, and arrogance with every given effort .

Optional note 2:

She sought the power of beautiful body for good or bad reasons, but why was I uselessly ignoring working on a body she can proudly look at as husband? If you want her to work on her body, but you refuse to work on yours, then arrogance or what are you guilty of? Why did my culture told me all I need is money and pretty girls will come hunting me or reject me less? Still! The Lord of creation gave me a much nicer looking face than average men of all races, but ugly Shabba Ranks get ‘trailer load of girls’ due to money, fame, or what before I prove I can sex her better than him? Why did Beyonce refuse to take me or the top ten percent looking men over Jay Z? Why did ugly Trump get many beautiful women than me and many folks? Surely, looks are not the first attraction to millions of women. Obama said she tried showing women how intelligent he was, but said it didn’t work. So looks hardly attract the most beautiful women, at least compare to money; intelligent have many branches, but I heard some money making intelligence do attract many women or even men? Truthful men are perhaps least attractive to women, especially of our age and western world. Lying men are called nice by many a woman and diplomatic by many governments? Truthful men are called stupid or cruel by individuals, or endangering by governments who hide war crimes? I wonder when will the truthful Lord help us lot more, give us money and women who truly love without fear, greed, or arrogance. The truthful ones do not want to use even soft power for sex, except when in need… The truthful ones do not want to use hard power for sex, so we avoid women who tempt us to groping, just walk away if she wants to be chased. She should like you close to how you like her, or take the marijuana women when they are complying and divorce them if they act arrogantly. Every evil one you reject gets you closer to God or Godly ones. Also educate the men and women, and God will reward you in one form or another. You can be happy with or without sex, but remember justice, including Tolerance. If you say millions or xyz of believing men and women exist, then searching with hope is better than LGBTQ or wet dream. Never quickly accuse anyone of being an implicit prostitute, because appreciating man made things is good and you do not want a rich woman to accuse you where you prefer what God gives through woman, even on earth. Change the laws of the countries towards as you may be reincarnated in them or you want a planet with abundance and free of fear, greed, and arrogance; free of punishment.

Hard power at the national level can be seen on raids, especially on cannabis dealers. Many of these raids are deadly or leave many with trauma. They terrorise both people and governments, often unnecessarily, especially with civilians.

Tolerance vs Learning: Is there a pretty, pretty, pretty girl, ready to show me I am handsome and men deserve love, not just women? A rich woman is a plus, but not a requirement. The Sun and God of the sun can provide for the willing. Hey girl, I sure like your face and physical for a night or for life, if your character is great or tolerable. She asked me to rate her, and I told her A+ on face, and A or B+ on body. She said I should like her 100%, so I accused her of being a coward or ignorant of Tolerance. Just because you missed my liking that may change or you may change through exercise as example should not spoil our efforts to try and not divorce over the tolerable. If I cannot tolerate on your body, then how can I tolerate on your character? Yes learning is vital, but Tolerance is too special and I avoid using zero Tolerance. Since Tolerance is a baby, I recommended zero to twenty five percent feeding, meaning few things may deserve zero to five or xyz percent Tolerance, then some up to 25%. Please do not gamble it, because you may think it is 20 where I think it is 30 and warrant running for my life… Pretty girl I hope you reciprocate: If you like his face and not his size, will you open him a gym or ask him to join one? Will you yoga exercise for hours or just make up for hours? Even our heights hardly match, so sometimes you have to lift someone up, make them look better or even help them act better through ch.103. If you cannot tolerate your spouse, then who or where will you tolerate? Like individuals, we demand countries tolerate and employ learning. The one who tolerates is better than the tolerated, especially if Tolerance means missing the ideal mark. One hundred percent justice is hard, so Tolerance is from the forgiving Lord who teaches man ‘what he was yet to know’ , and believers should seek the Lord through his attributes beyond words. He has absolute powers, yet not corrupted, and claims he will never hurt his slaves… He should also respond on sins between creatures, reward the best and punish the mistaken, measurably. May we all succeed and build a much better world than the richest Nations of the earth, where many millionaires kill their spouse or commit suicide. The world is simply bigger than the soft power called finance, and never use or support the use of hard power for ill gains or even the prettiest girl.

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