Solar Is The Answer To Ghana’s Energy Crisis-Kwabena Osei

Mr. Kwabena Osei
Mr. Kwabena Osei

Mr. Kwabena Osei, Chief Executive Officer of Sustain Ghana Limited and an environmentalist says solar energy is the surest bet to solving Ghana’s energy problems.

Mr. Kwabena Osei
Mr. Kwabena Osei

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of a 3 days summit dubbed power shift in Accra last Saturday.

In his presentation, he noted with concern the need for Ghana to witness a power shift in order words find an alternative sources of energy which he believes ?should be solar energy as the only answer to solving the energy crisis faced Ghana recently.

According to him energy supply should not rest on the shoulders of only government since govt. has failed woefully to deliver on it’s promises.

He called on the ?private conpanies to step in the shoes of government and invest in the production of solar energy to ease the burden on government however he blames the government again for poor utility legislation.

RADIO XYZ NEWS: So how do you think Ghanaians can ?obtain ?Solar energy for their daily use?

Mr. Kwabena Osei: “I believe if we are able to set up companies, I mean, you see, we always want the government to do things for us but personally I think they’ve failed us totally therefore we should not rely on them. “We should do things on our own and there’s so many things we can do, we can set up companies, in terms of solar, it is wise”.

RADIO XYZ NEWS: So why do you blame govt.for ?poor utility regulation enforcement?

MR. KWABENA OSEI: “I think the utility regulation system on part of government is poor and we need to change that regulation that power supply is mainly for Electricity company of Ghana, who is supposed to do that for us? we should cancel that because this company has failed us, they don’t know what they are doing so why don’t we make it available for everybody who is ready to invest in solar so they can put solar panels on people roofs and then collect electrity bills because solar has zero running cost, in the end, these companies are going to gain a lot of money”.

The power shift summit is an initiative of the Ghana Environmental Movement(GYEM) and the Ghana Youth climate coalition (GYCC) which is geared towards empowering young people to protect the environmental sustainabilty.

Meanwhile, Michael Acheampong Nyarko, National Co-ordinator of the power shift program says he disagrees with Deputy Minister of .Energy, Hon. John Jinapor’s statement that coal is the surest best to solving Ghana’s energy crisis.

Story by:Joseph Kobla Wemakor, Radio XYZ News,Accra

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