Soldiers Of Allah On Trial

By Leo Igwe
What could make any human being declare himself/herself a soldier of God-of Christ, of Allah- or of any of the deities which humans have invented over the ages in their quest to make sense of life and the world? What could make anybody wage a war in the name of a deity that is supposed to be all-powerful? Is it because there is no one to arrest and prosecute the fellow for impersonation???
Is it not absurd? Is it not insane for somebody to self-recruit, fight and kill other people in the name of a being believed to have supreme might?
It is difficult to comprehend this absurdity particularly when one proclaims in a law court or openly declares his membership of god?s or Allah?s army as a justification for a murderous act- of brutally killing a soldier of human beings. What could make a vicious and deluded ?soldier of Allah? to attack and kill a soldier of the people.??What warped sense of religion or divine mission could justify Michael Adebolajo?s atrocious murder of Lee Rigby in the UK?
These are some of the questions many are asking as Adebolajo?s cross examination continues in the UK court. Born a Christian, Adebolajo became a muslim in his first year at the university. He embraced Islam which he said meant everything to him as a religion. But if Islam meant everything to him, did it justify his killing an innocent soldier? Is killing Lee Rigby an expression or a translation of that meaning?
Other people?s religions mean a lot to them too but that does not warrant them to declare ?a war? against other human beings. Unfortunately, this idea of sacrificing human beings in order to placate a deity or fulfill the ?will of a god is something that is present and persistent in the history of theistic faiths.
Adebolajo said when he embraced islam, he realized that real success was not just about what one acquired but what could enable one make it to paradise, where he believed he could relax. Relax?
And for him, carrying out a ?military operation? on Allah?s behalf- fighting for Allah as a muhajid- was a way to secure a seat in paradise. What kind of paradise is this that people can qualify to enter by killing, murder and suicide bombing? Sometimes religious belief as in this case does not only negate one’s sense of humanity but also a sense of meaningful existence in this world.
Adebolajo is not alone in this. There are many muslims out there who profess to be Allah?s mujahids or soldiers. They embark on ?military operations like the one Adebolajo did in furtherance of their quest to inherit paradise where there would ?relax?. Muslims like Adebolajo have been brainwashed to believe this superstition, and they are ready to kill or be killed because of it.
It is important to let Adebolajo and other mujahids to understand this. If Allah truly exists, it does not need anyone to fight for it or to defend it? Allah is -and should be- ?powerful? enough -as widely believed by muslims- to fight for and defend itself. If Allah truly exists, it does not need any soldiers or mujahids to wage wars or carry out ‘military operations’ on its behalf.
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