George Floyd Memorial Service Ghana
George Floyd Memorial Service Ghana

I just learnt that the government of Ghana is organising a demonstration in Ghana, in solidary with those protesting the killing of George Floyd. In short, the Ghana government is protesting against racism that hit the headlines these few days when a white American police officer killed a black American in police custody. The usual crowd in front of the demonstration these days in Ghana, are girls who parade the market place carrying head pans, harggard looking market place truck pushers, street children, and cripples of all kinds, and this demonstration will not be an exception.

In fact police brutality is normal in the USA and the black population are clearly the majority at the end of the stick. Racism in the USA is institutionalize and all non whites in the country really suffer these organise form of discrimination.

The death of George Floyd is a typical daily life experience of majority of black Americans who are well aware of their fate. Any one of them could be the next victim of racial discrimination. In fact the fate of non white Americans relating to racial discriminarion is in every aspect of the American life. This challenge is historical to the Americal socio cultural life that racial politics is part of the American culture and, whenever the opportunity present itself, the racial political machine set itself into motion to make political capital out of the situation. And on each occasion, the racial gap draw closer when the heat is very high.

The policy of the American government change enough to adjust the laws that legitimises the institutionalization of the American racial relations. Like Aparthied South Africa, racism is part of the USA national institution.

The death of George Floyd is just another phase of the American history for which the American populace are engineered by their NGOs, activists and political leaders to make demand on the American government to move the goal poles. This is how marginalised Americans get their government to ease up on its version of Aparthied that characterise the US formal injustice system.

The racial marginalization being experience by the blacks and other minority groups in America, is typical of any human society where people coexist with racial differences as the base of their multicultual divides.

The death of George Floyd therefore replicated itself in the experience of all societies in which racial differences characterise the population setup. Countries across Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa had their NGOs putting resources together to make good use of the sitution that is gaining global attention.

What is shocking to me is whether Ghana as a sovereign nation, has nationals who are of different race, enough for NGOs in Ghana to be organizing demonstrations against police brutality motivated by racial hate, on the street of Ghana. What makes this concern more alarming is, the government of Ghana is said to be the one to use the tax payers money to fund such demonstration.

So while in the USA, UK, EU, Australia, Canada and South Africa, the demonstration is against the governments of these countries by their citizens, the government of Ghana is the one demonstrating in Ghana. The question is, who is the government of Ghana demonstrating against, if every one is demonstrating against their government to do about racism?

If you live in Tabakunda of Senegal, you will understand what the “Solidarity of the Dogs” is all about. It explains the mystry of a dog that barks at nothing. It is about a dog in a wall and gated compound, barking furiousely into the sky, simply because the dogs outside the compound are barking. Of course dogs bark for a reason and anytime one go out to check on the dogs, they are barking against an imminent threat visible to them. The barking is always at something or someone who is of direct concern to the dogs. But the dog in the gated wall compound barks at the moon. Who is the Ghana government demonstrating against? Please don’t tell me the GoG is using the tax payers money of poor Ghanaians in demonstrating against racism anywhere in the world, while tribalism is well institutionalise in Ghana.

Well, this behavoiur of the Ghana government is only inform by the ignorance arround the inability to understand that tribalism is a form of discrimination and the horrifying level of injustice in Ghana feuled by tribal discrimination is equally just as evil. The Americans are doing something about their culture of racism but what is the government of Ghana doing about its institutionalise culture of tribalism, misunderstood as the official Culture of Ghana?

Kofi Ali Abdul-Yekin
(ECOWAS Citizens Right Advocate)


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