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Somalia Refugees started a new hope 2012

Dadaab refugee Camp is located in North Eastern Kenya. It is believed to be world’s biggest refugee Camp. About half a million refugees live most of them Somalis who fled the spontaneous wars in Somalia. UN staff slacked and prof erred food and shelter which assured the destitutes a hope.

Early 2009, UN convoluted some refugees’ behavior towards impartiality. This happened after some of them brandished insignia known to terrorists. Some sources indicate that UN member countries who used to offer better and animated life to refugees through residential Visas had decreased since then.

Noor Afrax who is suspected to be the first Somali candidate of Nobel Peace Prize redressed the premises before implosion might unearth the trust.
The below interview was last week aired by Associated Prize and it happened this.

Journalist. We are pleased to have Noor as our guest. Noor Welcome!

Noor. Thank you Elza. I am overwhelmed to appear on your 60 minutes news.

Eliza.How precise you are to stand up before a possible blunder on our society?

Noor. Yes miss Eliza. It happened after I discovered the scope of the issue. I was always a type of catalyst . I persevered to both skeptical change makers and outlandish people who believe am distorting and wrenching.

Eliza.How best the trust can be restored?

Noor.It is all about reaching the communities and two or three outlines containing what to avoid if harmony to be honored

Eliza.Some commentors suggested that your work was a fad or did you pause it?

Noor.This can’t be that because there is need of sorting the differences out and a need of bring the trust back.

Eliza. Your friends said that you worked as unfortunate teller before your capitalism business. and you are not married. is it true?

Noor. Well, I can’t remember when I worked as unfortunate teller but I can remember that I worked as anyone works Approving cultures and accepting and learning their norms as a result I’ve great transatlantic, humble friends who help with their expensive time so that others understand better. About marriage….I can recall many women who called me womanizer and I gave them wedding rings but never tied knots.

Eliza. what have you done for governments addressing Social and Security matters?

Noor.Well, I did number of things. Though I didn’t get any credit because of obliquely or egomaniacs. Am happy for having my part of what any citizen would.

Eliza. What are your near and long future expectations?

Noor.For near I have to build my reputations, for long I have to see the objectives of my NGO. I would had similar objectives I were conscripted the military and am sure presidents would decorate my shoulders with shining stars.
Eliza. Thank you Noor.

Since Noor Afrax initiated his courses the refugees felt a change and UN restarted relocating refugees to Europ and America. Be the Chage

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