Some common Ghanaian weekend hobbies

5 common things Ghanaians do on weekends


In order to blend well and adjust when travelers visit a new country, they need to have forehand information about the day-to-day activities of local people. The usual trends may differ from country to country although certain activities remain the same. A fair idea of what the local people do on specific days at certain specific times makes it easier to live with them and plan your vacation or stay. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking and travel website takes a dive into a few common things Ghanaians do on weekends

1. Washing – The weekdays are usually very busy and filled with a lot of business activities. It is therefore very difficult for many people to do any form of household chores or have time to take care of their homes during these times. The weekends which usually gives many a break from normal work routine brings with it a great opportunity to work away some personal responsibilities. Saturday mornings are usually reserved for washing of dirty clothes in what the western world refers to as ‘’laundry’. For big families, children are asked to bring out all dirty clothes while the parents group to wash everything so as to give a fresh start during the week. If you are a foreigner in Ghana, the weekend is the best time to ‘’do some laundry’’ or wash some dirty clothes.

2. Football – Ghana is a footballing nation. Whether it’s the senior national team, the various junior national teams or individual football clubs playing, Ghanaians are always in a frenzy when there is football. Sometimes they troop to stadiums to watch it but even when they watch on screens, the atmosphere is just amazing. Pubs and bars are filled, homes are lightened and soccer centres are illuminated once the weekend arrives. European teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona have established great support bases in the country so anytime they play, quite a large group of people gather to watch amid drinks and so much fun. Even if you are not a football fan, you will love to be there for the fun and humour.

3. Beach – There are only a few African countries with a coast as beautiful as that of Ghana. Ghana’s coast is so profound that the previous name of this country was the Gold Coast with the first part of the name being attributed to proficient gold mining. On weekends, many Ghanaians who live around the coast troop to the beaches to cool off. The beautiful beaches come with so much fun and entertainment. Apart from swimming, many people go to the beach to party, read or just enjoy the amazing weather and ocean view. It’s such a great experience to enjoy when in Ghana either on Saturdays or Sundays. There is also the option of night beaching but this is often not advisable for first timers or people who are not familiar with the terrain. Ghanaian beaches are beautiful and fun, you don’t want to miss it while you are down here.

4. Market – Weekends are a time to restock your refrigerators and kitchens with foodstuffs and ingredients. Most markets are open for business everyday but for the best in foodstuff and ingredients, Saturdays are the best days. Also because most weekdays are quite busy with less time for all the shopping and cooking. It is best to grab the foodstuff fresh and cook immediately, This is very healthy and reduces the risks of diseases. Other forms of shopping may also be done on weekends. Almost every vendor is on the market on weekends and this does well for those who are busy on weekdays as well as the sellers themselves since they reach more people at this time.

5. Fufu – Walk into any Ghanaian home on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and you are more likely to hear the thundering sounds of a pestle smashing into a mortar. Fufu, the great tasting yet highly satisfying meal is being prepared. The making of this meal involves a lot of hard work and takes time hence the desire to prepare it on weekends. It is also regarded by many as a family meal and also may be the reason why many people prefer to make it at a time when the whole family is home. Fufu is a mainstay of the Ashanti’s yet it is widespread and prepared by every tribe in the country. If you are in Ghana on any given weekend, just make sure a bowl of fufu, soup and meat/fish/chicken doesn’t pass you by.

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