Some men are just flat out users. No one wants to date a man who is a player and a user. However, sometimes, the signs are usually?obvious. Being used is not only frustrating, it?s painful, and it definitely takes a toll on your self-esteem. In the event that you?re unsure if you are being played by your partner, here are signs he is actually.

Things are rarely consistent
The relationship is a rollercoaster, to say the least. Some weeks, you two are talking and he?s initiating things and then a month later, he has completely pulled away from you and no longer seems to want to be involved or invested in the relationship. That?s because in actual fact, he doesn?t.

Words don?t match his actions
Anyone can say something but what?s important is following up on those words. Is this man someone who talks a lot of talk and says a lot of sweet words but his actions just don?t match up with them? Nice words are good to hear, but follow-up actions have a much bigger impact. If the actions don?t meet the words, move it along.

True affection is rare
There?s nothing better than being able to feel loved and cared for by someone. Men know that emotions tend to turn a woman into putty, but wise up here. If he?s only showing you affection to get you in bed, it?s a huge red flag that he?s just playing you.

You?re the unknown
Typically when a man is proud of his relationship and the woman he?s with, he likes to talk about it and introduce you to the people that he is closest to. But, if you have yet to meet a single one of his friends after months of seeing each other, something is definitely wrong. Either he?s just using you or you?re one of many; both options are bad news!

He cancels plans often
Sure, things happen and sometimes plans have to be cancelled. When you notice that this man continuously cancels plans with you and never makes plans to reschedule, it?s a sign that he?s playing you and doesn?t feel that spending time with you is important or necessary. When time with you isn?t important, he probably has ulterior motives.

He?s selfish and unconcerned
Men can be a bit out of touch emotionally, but that shouldn?t stop him from being genuinely concerned and interested in your thoughts and feelings. If this man has no real concern or interest in your desires and wants, he?s obviously very selfish and self-centered, and is probably playing you so that he can benefit no one but himself

You feel uneasy deep down
Always ?listen to your gut. If deep down you feel like something isn?t right with this man, you?re probably right. When you have that feeling that makes you hesitate, it?s time to re-evaluate things and possibly end them for good.

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