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Somey traditional council writes to Agyinasare

Most Reverend Dr Charles Agyinasare
Archbishop Charles Agyinasare

….insists on apology for “Nogokpo demonic headquarters” comment

The Somey traditional council has demanded an unqualified apology from the founder and general overseer of the Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare over his comments which refered to Nogokpo as the demonic
headquarters in the Volta region.

The Archbishop during a summit at the Perez Dome in Accra, described Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters in the Volta region to make an illustration on Christian spiritual warfare.

His comments however infuriated the people of Nogokpo and the larger Volta region especially the youth, who took to various social media platforms to berate the respected man of God.

In a letter signed by the Paramount Chief of the Somey traditional area, Torgbi Adamah III, copied to the Volta Regional and National Houses of Chiefs, the Volta Regional and National Peace Councils and the media, the Traditional Council said: “It is with regret that we write to you, for and on behalf of the chiefs, queens and all the people of the Somè Traditional Area, across all religions, faiths and beliefs and
scattered across the globe for the unsavoury and unpalatable utterances you design
to make about Nogokpo, one of the most revered towns in Somè, if not in the entire Eweland.”

The letter added that “your utterances on your exalted platform that Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters in the Volta has further deepened the hatred and disdain the people of the Volta Region, especially those from the Ewe-speaking
communities already suffer at the hands of the undiscerning population of Ghana – Coming from a man whose vocation is premised on words, you can appreciate the
power of your words, especially when one considers same coming from one of the five
most regarded evangelical preachers in contemporary Ghana.”

It said the traditional area was at a loss as to what criteria the Archbishop used in coming to his assertion that Nogokpo is the demonic
headquarters in the Volta Region and thereby in effect insinuating that the entire Volta Region is demonic.”

“We shall be glad to know by what measurements you have come to that conclusion. We assume that your outbursts were purely from ignorance – A religious person is
someone who has studied comparative religions and appreciates the various religious
belief systems and therefore would be hesitant to make disparaging remarks about another’s religion in order to promote theirs – Our concern is however the ripple effects your ignorant outbursts have had and these comments do not auger well, not
only for the people of Nogokpo but the entire ethnic Ewe-speaking tribe and people of Ghana,” the letter said.

The letter further said the several testimonies that have been on social media as a follow
up to the Archbishop’s unsavory utterances was a testament to how deepened the hitherto prejudicial notions and misconceptions the “other ethnic group”
in Ghana has of the Ewes.

The letter said the least the Traditional Council could ask of the Archbishop was for him to use the same
platforms he had used to apologise for his comments, adding that “Where freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution, you would appreciate that by making
disparaging remarks about other people’s religion, you are clearly infringing on the constitutional rights of those you disparage and since those rights are guaranteed under the constitution, they are

“Clearly, we have the option to have our day in court if you feel reluctant to apologise – You have one week from the date of receipt of this letter to apologise,” the letter advised.

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