Prince has officially joined Instagram with an account called “PRINCETAGRAM”. In just three days, the 57-year-old singer-songwriter has shared nearly 100 posts including old promotional photos, concert footage and plenty of memes.

One of the memes honoring comedian Dave Chappelle’s infamous portrayal of Prince as a pancake-making, basketball-dominating nutcase. The “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” crooner wrote on the picture, “This bores me.”

Prince’s new Instagram account came more than a month after releasing his new album “HITNRUN (Phase One)” exclusively on Jay-Z’s Tidal. Back in 2010, the “Little Red Corvette” singer famously declared that the internet was “completely over.” However, he later became a prolific tweeter. In a recent interview with EW, he said he often changed his mind about things.

Prince premiered his new song on Spotify just a month after he removed his catalog from the streaming service. He said of his decision to put his new album out through Tidal, “Jay allowed us to pick the artwork, design the page, choose the related content. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to do that when it’s your music, your creation?”



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