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Songwriters are not treated well


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The music industry is littered with so much talent, its impossible not to catch yourself bumping to the numerous songs on our airwaves. Music we say is food for the soul, and Ghanaians and Africans both at home and worldwide are serious foodians. The African loves his music as much as he loves his food, and just as we enjoy our food at restaurants; always remembering the name of the restaurant and the dish, no one ever bothers to find out the name of the chef responsible for the food we so enjoy. Sadly but truly this juxtaposes perfectly on the music scene in Ghana and most developing music scenes.

The credit for songs always goes to the artiste and the producers. Very rarely does the actual person behind the song get a mention; the songwriter. In the US and UK music industry, songwriters are a big deal, raking in millions for their efforts. In our part of the world, all they rake in are “Thank You?s” at best. You are lucky if u get a mention on an album cover, but then again which of our musicians will openly admit that someone else other than them, is responsible for their hits.

Step In Jay Quayson. You have probably never heard of him, but you will soon. Guaranteed. But if you have heard of Last One by Tiffany, Dance for me and Break Your Waist & me by Ruff n Smooth, “Woedimewu” and “Mma Kuo” by Guru, Menfa Ntwen (Atofo Kese) by Kwesi Pee Feat. J. Martins, then you have heard of him, without knowing you did. Born in Takoradi about 20 something odd years ago, Jay Quayson was born with music in his soul.

If you think you agree to this, please join me on this campaign let?s boldly say its about time Songwriters get acknowledged.jay quayson,song writers,

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