South Sudan on Wednesday welcomed the latest anti-malaria drug developed by South Korean pharmaceutical firm Shin Poong and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), saying it will boost efforts to prevent high malaria-related deaths over time.

Health minister Riek Gai Kok said the introduction of artesunate-Pyronaridine, which is specialized for treatment of uncomplicated malaria, will help reduce malaria cases and cut mortality rates in the country.

“There is no any better start of 2020 than what has been provided by Shin Poong starting with introduction of a new product aimed at addressing our biggest concern, which is malaria,” Kok said in Juba during an experts’ presentation on the drug.

Malaria is the leading cause of illness and death in South Sudan, with most cases and deaths occurring in children and pregnant women, especially in strife-torn areas affected by food insecurity and acute malnutrition.

Artesunate-Pyronaridine is on the World Health Organization list of prequalified medicines for malaria. Enditem


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