Eunice Geri Nicodemo And Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok
Eunice Geri Nicodemo And Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok

The Charge D? Affaire Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok together with the Administrative Attach? Eunice Geri Nicodemo after terminating the contracts of the local staff of the Embassy without notice have only paid them a month salary and 10 days paid leave as compensation instead of the minimum six months to twelve months salary as compensation. They terminated the entire local staff contract on the 18th August 2014 because the staff refused to sign a new contract which;

Eunice Geri NicodemoAnd 	Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok
Eunice Geri Nicodemo And Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok

1. Drastically reduced their salaries by 70% to 90% respectively, i.e. their normal one month salary will now pay 6 to 7 months? salary. Basically they are now going to be earning one sixth to one seventh of their salary. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm! If this is not robbery, what do you call it? Yet the one month salary of the charge, Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok can pay six local staff salaries for the month.

2. All employment contracts with local staff in Ghana have been changed from permanent to six months fixed contracts despite the fact that the staff have worked with the embassy for 3 years.

These two diplomats are forgetting that it is this same local staff that worked with the former Ambassador to set up the Embassy and kept the embassy running for a year without receiving salary and funds for its operations when South Sudan was in crisis and the country shut down its oil, and the Ambassador was away in Juba. The same local staff of the Embassy worked diligently to promote South Sudan in the mist of crisis. They even went to the extent to raise funds for paying of the Embassies rent, salaries and operations. Without the local staff industriousness the Embassy would have been also being shut down just like the countries other missions abroad (eg. Canada and Australia) which had to be shut down because of lack of funds to keep the Embassy running. And you know the work involved with setting up an embassy, shutting it down and re-opening it. If it were not for the hard work of the local staffs these diplomats will not have anywhere to be posted to.

Instead of the junior diplomat Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok and administrative attach? Eunice Geri Nicodemo concentrating on the job their government sent them to do in Ghana and promoting their country?s image internationally in the spirit of cooperation and brotherliness, here they are not doing it. Instead they are robbing local staff of their earned wages. Besides the Embassy was run even more efficiently and saw a high influx of Ghanaian and foreign potential investors travel to South Sudan before their posting of these diplomats to Ghana.

What the diplomats are doing is pure robbery. Just like the rich man and Lazarus in the bible, where the rich will always still from the poor and marginalized. This is pure greed and you can see why their country is still on fire. I wander what kind of diplomatic training they receive?
It is interesting to note that this same Choty guy is earning MA in Conflict, Peace and Security at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Ghana. Are you applying what you?re learning in your job at the Embassy or it?s just the degree on paper to show a that you have earned a master?s degree for job promotion. Where you sent as a diplomat or where you sent to Ghana to study? Do you even understand the relevance of the course to managing conflicts in the work place? Mr. Chan Choty Polino Akijnyjok conflict is not only taking arms and fighting. As for Ghanaians we will not take arms and fight you, we will do it through the legal system, so get ready. Even if it takes weeks, months, years, centuries the former local staffs of the embassy will get justice. You cannot infringe upon the human rights of the Ghanaians. You cannot rob the staff of their wages and go free.

The sad aspect is that even after the fight for independence South Sudan can still not stand on its own. That is what is been portrayed by the actions of the diplomats, as they went to Sudan Embassy in Ghana for the recruitment and employment of new local staff and paying them the same rates as Sudan Embassy. Forgetting the fact that the Sudanese Embassy under pays its local staff and infringes upon their rights. They go back to this same Sudan and are practicing just the very kind of human rights abuses, discrimination and maltreatment suffered by many a South Sudanese in their liberation struggle from Sudan. And you go back to this same Sudan for advice, what an insult to the 21 years of liberation fight from Sudan. To add more insult to their independence they go back to Sudan Embassy for recruitment of their new local staff. This is laughable, a shame and disgrace to their long fight for freedom and independence from Sudan, ?John Garang hearing this in his grace, weeps?.


Our investigations revealed that there has not been any reductions of local staff salaries from the headquarters in South Sudan nor in any of the country?s mission abroad. A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in South Sudan when contacted denied any reduction in local staff salary by the ministry.

When Choty was asked why he reduced local staff salary at the Embassy he said the embassy was been upgraded from a liaison office to an Embassy as he claims, and that the former Ambassador Ambrose Raphael Tamania also did not employ the local staff in a write way. If the former local staff were not employed well, where they not performing their duties? Did they not run the affairs of the Embassy for a whole year when the Ambassador was recalled to Juba during the oil shut down? If an embassy is been upgraded, then you and I know that there will be an increase of salary across board for both diplomats and local staff. This is untrue because, the mission has been operating as an embassy since 2012, and already upgraded from a liaison office to an Embassy just a few months after it was set up in 2011.
It?s also interesting to note that all these diplomats sort to do was to take advantage of the local staff, rob them of their salary, in addition to the embassies over $110,000 January to June 2014 operational cost they received in June/July which they have shared amongst themselves just like that.


Fellow Ghanaian if this is not robbery and injustice what is it?

Well we?ll let the legal system work to put these diplomats to shame.
What will they be doing with all the local staff salaries? Are they going to return it to Juba, or share it and get invoices and receipts for justification of expenditure like they do? Over invoicing of funds (operation costs) and sending money to people in the headquarters who facilitate their operations and cover up their dirty deeds in Ghana, (like Amb. Reuben Wani, Counselor Dominic etc.). We know what you guys are up to. We watching you.


Our investigations also revealed that Mr. Choty had his family relocated back to Kenya just after 2 months of arriving in Ghana, because Ghana was too expensive and he could not sustain the family, so he sent them back to Kenya, even with his salary of over $8000 per month, which can pay the salary of seven of the local staffs. Can you imagine? So why the reduction of local staff salary by 70 to 80 percent, if even you with $8000 cannot afford to have your family live with you in Ghana. Why reduce local staff salary when you are advocating that the Ghana Embassy should be upgraded to that of the embassy in Nigeria because of the high cost of living (transportation, accommodation, food, health care, etc.) which comes with salary increase? These two diplomats have a hidden agenda to steal and rob not only the local staff but the government of South Sudan as a whole. They must be investigated. Their actions are a shame to their government and can affect the countries bilateral relations with Ghana.

Source:?Esi Grace


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