Southern Ghana experiencing dry spell

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The current break in the rainy season within Southern Ghana due to certain weather determinants, is called a dry spell.

A dry spell happens when there is little or no rainfall in a space of time ranging from days to weeks within a particular area, although the area in question is in its rainy season.

Mr. Michael Padi, Senior Meteorologist, Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet), told the Ghana News Agency that currently, there was little moisture supply from the South Atlantic Ocean due to certain weather conditions.

He said the situation was, however, expected to improve well before the month of June, which is the peak of the rainy season.

“Northern Ghana is however having some rains,” Mr. Padi said.

The Senior Meteorologist, on the current prevailing hot weather conditions in the country said, the heat would significantly reduce towards the end of May and during that period, massive cloud formation, a key characteristic of the peak of the rainy season, would reduce the impact of the sun rays by blocking them.

Mr Padi said at the same time, the sun would be away towards the north, which would further reduce heat in the atmosphere.

Southern Ghana is currently having its first and major rainy season, while the Northern part of the country is having its only and major rainy season.

Southern and Northern Ghana have different rainfall patterns respectively.
Southern Ghana goes through its first and major rainy season of the year from March to July, and the second, also termed the minor rainy season, from September to November.

Northern Ghana on the other hand, has one major rainy season annually, which begins in May and ends in September.

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