Various views both for and against had been expressed about the access restrictions imposed by the University of Ghana to facilitate academic work and also to service loan contracted for the University?s road infrastructure. What has not been discussed extensively is the status of the?Pupils and the Students of the University of Ghana Basic Schools (UGBS). What about their status on the University of Ghana Campus? It?s bizarre.


The University of Ghana in its own wisdom created a place for basic teaching and learning for these children as pertains at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology and the University of Cape Coast.

These three Universities decided to give a certain quota of admission slots to children of non-staff parents of the Universities to be part of their Basic Schools. This is very laudable and should be applauded by all.


What one finds difficult to understand is for the University of Ghana to categorize the children of non-staff parents of UGBS just like persons who do not ?belong? to the University Community.


Parents are very mindful of the fact that the children and their teachers need a serene environment to promote sound academic work on campus. Parents, therefore, are in solidarity with the University authorities? quest and resolve to ensure a certain level of quietness on campus. Non-staff parents of children of UGBS are also aware that the University had incurred huge cost in putting the University roads in shape. Road infrastructure requires huge capital outlays and ordinarily should not be borne by the University ? we hope the Central Government will do what is needful to have this financial burden rolled off the shoulders of the University if it had not done so already.


Concerned and responsible non staff parents are prepared to support the Authorities in whatever way possible to run the University effectively and efficiently to the benefit of all and sundry.


In this regard, I respectfully appeal to the University Authorities to consider and grant the children status as members of the University Community for the period of their academic life on Campus or at least give them the same status as the University of Ghana students with its attendant benefits.


For control purposes, I suggest that each child at the UGBS is issued with an?identification card?specially designed by the University and at the expense of the non-staff parent to facilitate the to and fro movement of the?child accompanied by the parent at any of the gates on Campus.?The focus is on the child and not the parent!?Unaccompanied non-staff parent without an authentic child?s identification card would have only one option ? the Okponglo entry and exit point!


Long live UG, long live UGBS.


Peter Ekow Baidoo, Accra.

Writer?s email:[email protected]


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