Spotlight On Africa: Help Us Fight Corruption In Africa Today

Spotlight: A program to help expose corrupt practices in Africa
Spotlight: A program to help expose corrupt practices in Africa

The current generation of Africa‘s youth are serious in our determination to end corruption in Africa and help make Africa a better place for future generations. We’re therefore about to roll out in the next couple of weeks a program (Spotlight) that will enable us to completely eliminate corruption from our system in the next few years.

  • Join us on?Spotlight?and help fight corruption in Africa!
  • Send us your confidential information/documents about all corrupt practices at your work places, public institutions etc. Let us expose them all and build Africa without corruption.
  • Warn your colleagues/bosses at work that if they dare misbehave (sexually or otherwise), you’re going to put them in the?Spotlight.
Spotlight is a series of programs that will in the next couple of years, focus on exposing corruption in Africa, from region-to-region, targeting one African region at a time (ECOWAS, SADC, EAC, etc.). We are tired of Africa‘s under-development that has been as a result of major corrupt practices in government and other sectors of Africa‘s economy. From now on, we will put our energies and resources together for the sake of future generations.
Each month we will be exposing all the corrupt practices in government, public offices and private institutions within a selected African region.
Our publications shall focus on corruption in government, the payment of bribes before contracts are awarded by public institutions, and all inappropriate behavior of key members of public institutions.
Corruption in the oil and gas sector, fraud perpetrated by the financial institutions, and all issues related to the pollution of Africa through irresponsible waste disposal in Africa by foreign corporations must stop. We will thus put pressure on all environmental officials to sit up.
We also understand that often, many young African ladies are sexually abused before they get job placements. There are many university students who also face such problems from unscrupulous lecturers before they pass their exams. This attitude must stop. We urge all whistle blowers to email us any evidences that will help us expose such corrupt practices at the working environment or the public institutions and help make Africa a better place for future generations.
Let your video cameras and your mobile devices be of service to Africa.
In the next couple of years, Spotlight hopes to eliminate corruption completely from the African system. We however need your corporation to be able to succeed in this regard. We?re only concerned about Africa. All such evidences/information you intend to provide must be related to Africa. We however reserve the right not to publish any information that will not meet our specification.
Send all your documents or relevant information to:
The?Spotlight team.
Let The Revolution Begin!!
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