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?For many years, Ghana’s railway system has been virtually non-existent due to poor infrastructure and management. However, in recent times this once dead wing of Ghana’s transportation industry has seen a tremendous boost with the emergence of new trains and what seems like competent management. The emergence of these trains have contributed immensely to the search for a solution to the very heavy Accra-Tema traffic. The trains which operate between Accra and Tema convey people from all walks of life to and from their desired destinations. In this slideshow video, TALK OF GH seeks to bring to fore, how fully functional our railway system is in Ghana. WELCOME TO THE NEW GHANA.?Talk of GH

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: It was just the other day I copied and pasted a piece about Ghana?s, OK not Ghana?s, -but Accra?s newly up and running railway, -about the line that presently only travels between Accra and Tema, -and now look at the above photos by Ghana Rising fave, 
Talk of GH!!!!

While I think -we?re most definitely on the right track, -get it (?), I?m also beyond disappointed by the state of the track/lines, the crumbling infrastructure, many of the stations don?t have platforms -and the inability of the people behind this railway line -to provide the general public with rules and guidelines with regards to safety -is not good enough!!!!!

People are walking or selling their wares on the lines and this beyond dangerous!!! Plus, you can just imagine that in a few months from now, -said people would have trash these services -and we?ll be back to square one!!!!

Seriously, education is needed right now!!! Not only the [paying] passengers (I know what we Ghanaians are like) -but all those selling on the platform -need to be educated with regards to safety -ASAP!!! And its also got me wondering -whom or what body is maintaining these railway lines??? 

Ghana Rising would like to ask the government of Ghana to truly get behind this rail service -and make Safety its one priority -right now!!!

Safety on this line is paramount -and must be sorted out now or we?ll be hearing about accidents -and nobody wants that -right???? 

We also need more new trains?

They also need more staff (I didn?t see any) right now to keep things in ORDER!!!! 

Honestly, why can?t we do things properly in Ghana??? Are we waiting for the Chinese -say, to come and teach us how to use this [somewhat basic] service???? 

They also need a special police force on said trains.. -Because if I?m totally honest, -even though I?d love to ride on the above trains with my little Jojo, -I don?t know if out-of-towners like me can safely sit on them?

Can the likes of me travel safely with our: bought in Europe attire and our ?she-can?t-possible-be-Ghanaian? accent??? How many of us born abroad can pass-for-a-locals??? -Will this be a problem???

Thus, the body/people behind this much needed services need to think about all the aforementioned points -as everyone I?ve spoken about said rail service is uber excited -and would really love to check out it out -when next in Ghana..

Anyway, as I?ve already stated, -we are on the right track, -but I?m going to put a halt to my excitement until the line look and feel safer, people aren?t walking on them -and when its extended to Wa and beyond via Kumasi? Thanks x 

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