SRC President elect applauds UHAS Vocational Training Policy


UHAS SRC President Elect, Master Abraham Norman Nortey applauds UHAS Vocational Training Policy on Ghana Television(GTV) Morning Show on Wednesday, 23rd October 2019.

Master Nortey Norman who is known as a student leader, prodigy and a beacon commended the policy of internship( Vocational Training) in the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) due to UHAS intense supervision.

During the discussion, he stated “UHAS Vocational Training/ internship gives students three (3) learning phases and they are;
1. Observatory phase: to expose students to the health facility, institution/industry, community and the various activities and the get students get acquainted

2. Experiential phase: having been exposed in year one, students nowstart using equipment and appreciate the roles they play in the health service delivery system. At this level, students will be expected to conceptualise research ideas.

3. Application phase: At this stage, students may be expected to collect related field data for their dissertation”

Ghana Television Morning Show dubbed “TIME WITH TERTIRAY STUDENTS; BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN ACADEMIA AND INDUSTRY” featured Ms. Diana Dorsu Mawudjorfia Precious, a student from Evangelical Presbyterian University College, Master Dillon Brown, Student, University of Ghana legon, Mr. Abraham Nortey Norman, SRC President Elect, University of Health and Allied Sciences( UHAS) and Zenabu Tiwaa Smart, Student – Ghana Institute of Journalism and Student, University of Ghana.

Areas of Discussion were
•Some say tertiary education is good other say is bad. What do you make of tertiary education?

•In view of this, what were some of your observations before entering the tertiary institution?

•Tertiary education is supposed to help shape your paradigms and guide your career paths. How have your lives been impacted?

•Having the experience in the lecture hall and also having your industrial attachment with the industry. What is your view about the academia and industry – Is there any gap to bridge?

•There is this argument that, university education is to train the mind to be academic and also help students acquire the skills to adequately fit into the environment. It is rather the responsibility of industry to train the needed manpower to suit its needs. What is your take on this assertion?

•Looking at our system of education does it train our students to fit into our industrial environment?

•When we talk about industry what are we looking at – is it for the white collar jobs or blue collar jobs.

•Ghanaians give priority to grammar education as compared to the technical and vocational one. Ironically the advanced countries have relied on technical and science education to reach where they are now. How can we change this culture?

•What does industry expect from academia and what does academia from industry?

•One major challenge is the situation where research conducted by our Professors and students end up on the shelves. They are hardly utilized by industries. Why such situations.

•The attempt to bridge the gap between academia and industry is of much concern to the society. What have been the major challenges?

•Would you recommend complete overhaul of the educational system to suit our industrial needs.

•Bridging the gap between academia and industry – what is the way forward.

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