Stade De Marrakech – the unique rectangular stadium in Africa

O S Grand Stade De
O S Grand Stade De

Stade De Marrakech -one of the venues built and earmarked for the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations, is set to offer to the world, one of the most beautiful football experiences on the continent.

It is the only rectangular stadium in the world, as all other stadiums are made in a circular shape.

Built by Italian construction company Gregotti Associati International in January 2012, with unique architectural design, the 45,240 capacity multi-purpose stadium has the capability to host even the Olympic Games and would be one of the venues for the 2025 Africa Cup of Nations, if Morocco wins the bid to host the competition.

Situated 11-Kilometers away from the city centre, Stade De Marrakech remains the only stadium in the world designed in a rectangular shape, adorned in brick red colour outwardly, to reflect the tradition of the ancient city that is noted for its red walls, as buildings are constructed in red sandstone, hence the nickname “The Red City”.

It has towers that carry a set of halogen lamps that illuminate the natural lush green grass and the main bowl, and according to Manager of the Stadium, Rachid Naifi, the shape refers to fortifications on one hand and to local architecture in general and gives the stadium the rhythm and the colours that are all natural, from white to brown.

He noted that the stadium mainly hosts football and athletics, adding that 12 of the locker rooms were reserved for football, whist the remaining for athletics.

The unique stadium also made provision for the media, with a media tribune capable of accommodating 1,130 journalists.

With issues of disability gaining enough strength in national and global policy, the structure of the stadium makes provision for the physically challenged spectators, which can accommodate at least 700 physically challenged people.

The continent would be served with a unique football in an atmosphere that reflects the arts and culture of Marrakech.

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