Start-ups in Ghana are set to become the next big thing

Business Plan
Business Plan

Ghana is widely regarded as one of the most forward-thinking and progressive nations in Western African when it comes to tech. A large number of younger people within the country are attempting to move the country forward in terms of both its economy and the potential lifestyle for its citizens.


This has been shown by the number of new start-ups that are appearing within the country. Lots of new businesses, many of which are aimed at tackling the issues that Ghana suffers from, are appearing at a very rapid rate. It’s not just existing businesses that are learning to use new tech to increase the prices they can charge, but also new companies springing up to make the most of the natural resources that Ghana has to offer.


Tech driving innovation


There are many different tech firms that are appearing in Ghana right now. One of the most impressive start-up markets is the online casino market. Because South Africa doesn’t allow online casinos to operate within its borders, but off-shore casinos are perfectly acceptable, it has led to a number of online casinos appearing within Ghana. So, many of the top online casinos in Ghana are actually found amongst the top ones offered in South Africa. While it’s not exactly tech innovation, it’s still inherently sensible that Ghanaian business owners are using the resources that are available to them in order to create jobs and create wealth.


One particular tech innovator has set up a company that aims to recycle across the country. This is an extremely important move, as Ghana often has a lot of reusable resources that get ignored due to the lack of widespread recycling options. The aim of the company isn’t just to make use of the resources that are available, but also to clean up the country. There is a lot of litter and refuse that is marrying the natural beauty of the country, so this company has a dual purpose.


What’s also become a fantastic movement for the country is the yearly tech summit. Formed in 2019, this has been providing potential start-ups with expert advice for the last two years. What’s so great about this summit is that there is no charge for tickets. This means that potential entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about paying large fees to get the advice they need.


On top of providing a lot of great advice, the summit also offers the opportunity for networking to take place. This ensures that new start-ups can build the links they need to truly innovate at a high level. This is something that is really helping to motivate the culture of innovation in the country.


Using litter to build


The recycling start-up is one of the great success stories of Ghana at the moment. It uses a highly innovative method to make money, clean up the environment and help to build infrastructure within Ghana. One of the biggest aspects of the business is collecting old plastic from local schools. This ensures that the plastic isn’t thrown out into the street where it can pollute the local environment.


The plastic is then sold on to building firms. These firms use the plastic to create hybrid bricks, in a process involving sand and extreme heat. These new bricks can then be used to build within Ghana, which helps to improve the quality of life for many people. While the company could create income at both ends by charging the schools, the owner realises that schools are already chronically underfunded and so collects the plastic free of charge.


More tech innovations


Because Ghana often struggles with tropical diseases, finding a way to take the burden away from hospitals is vitally important. One way in which this has been done in recent years is through an app that has been offered to pharmacies. The app allows the pharmacy to diagnose issues and from there to decide if a prescription or hospital treatment is required. It ensures that Ghanaian hospitals do not get overwhelmed if there is an outbreak. This means that funding can go further and people enjoy a better standard of healthcare in the long run.


Many of these innovations actually come from Ghanaian citizens who left the country in order to study abroad. Once they were armed with a superior level of schooling, they used their new knowledge to try and help improve their country as a whole. This is one major reason why the start-up culture within the country is booming now.

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