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Statistics of Israeli’s Occupation of the Gaza Strip for 220 days

Statistics Of The Genocidal War
Statistics Of The Genocidal War

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation Media Observatory for Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians documented 3,123 massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces over 220 days following the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. These massacres resulted in the murder and missing of 45,091 individuals.

The data shows that the number of missing individuals has surpassed 10,000. Additionally, 35,091 fatalities have been reported at hospitals in the Gaza Strip, with 78,827 individuals sustaining injuries.

The report indicated that 15,103 children were murdered, and 31 Palestinians died from famine.

Statistics showed that the number of women murdered during the Israeli aggression reached 9,961. Israeli forces have also killed 492 medical personnel, 69 civil defense personnel, and 143 journalists, let alone the discovery of 7 mass graves inside hospitals, out of which 520 corpses were exhumed.

The Israeli aggression resulted in a concerning statistic: 72% of the total victims were children and women. 17,000 children were orphaned as a result of Israeli killings.

The OIC Observatory has documented the following health sector statistics in Gaza: 11,000 patients in need of surgery outside the Gaza Strip, 10,000 cancer patients in urgent need of treatment, 1,095,000 people suffering from infectious diseases due to forced displacement, 20,000 cases of viral hepatitis infection as a result of forced displacement, 60,000 pregnant women at risk due to limited access to healthcare, and 350,000 chronic patients at risk due to restricted access to essential medications.

The OIC Observatory documented 310 cases of health personnel being arrested, along with Israel’s actions that led to 33 hospitals and 55 health centers being disabled. Additionally, 160 health institutions and 126 ambulances were targeted.

Israeli forces arrested 5,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip during the genocidal war, with 20 confirmed cases of journalists.

Israel’s military operations resulted in the complete demolition of 186 government headquarters and 103 schools and universities. Additionally, 311 schools and universities were partially destroyed, along with 86,000 housing units that were permanently demolished. Furthermore, 294,000 housing units were partially destroyed as well.

The Israeli occupation forces demolished 247 mosques and partially demolished 326 ones, as well as targeting and destroying three churches along with destroying 206 archaeological and heritage sites.

It was reported that the Israeli occupation forces have so far dropped 75,000 tons of explosives on the Gaza Strip, with an estimated direct initial loss of this barbaric war of extermination on the Gaza Strip of about $33 billion

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