Stay Off our Lands – Nungua Stool warn Orca Deco, Cemonit and Others

Nungua people
Nungua people

The Elders of the Nungua Stool have sent a strong message to perpetrators of their lands after disregarding it’s court orders.

They expressed disgust at the exercise of some companies such as Orca Deco and Cemonit trespassing on their lands.

The Nungua Stool also made several appeals to the Ghana Police Service but fell on deaf ears without any proper resolution.

The situation saw some residents and elders of the Nungua Stool stormed the premises of the two companies, Orca Deco and Cemonit both on the Spintex road to demand the reacquisition of the lands.

Addressing the media, the secretary of the Nungua Stool, “Asafoatse” Bulabi Kpla III, said, “We are at a loss how they have shown or demonstrated open scorn, disrespect or disregard the High courts order without any sense of respect. So what happens to the buildings on this land if the high court truthfully and finally deliver the judgement in our favour?.

He continued,” the Nungua Traditional Council granted the land for the construction of the motorway and when it noticed last year that Orca Deco and Cemonit Ghana limited were laying claim to their land, the Nungua Stool decided to engage them for resolution.

He added that the Nungua stool used all it’s channels to ensure the right process of the acquisition of the land is acquired.

“In the exercise of our possessory rights, the Nungua stool made several grants to individuals, families and corporate bodies some of which were contested and judgments obtained,” he stated.

Asafoatse Bulabi Kpla III described the conducts of the two companies as disrespectful before the High Court.

“Another interesting development about the conducts of Orca Deco and Cemonit is that, albeit they later filed an application for the injunction order to be varied, they were still working as if there were no such order against them,” he stated.

He, however, advised Ghanaians to keep off lands within the jurisdiction of the Nungua Stool.

“The stool warned all who intend to encroach Nungua Stool lands to take cue that the stool will henceforth not allow any such encroacher to steal their lands,” he said.


The Nungua Stool on 2nd March 2021 commenced an action against them at the High Court, Accra in Suit No: LD / 0345 / 2021. In the said court action, we filed also a Motion on Notice for Interlocutory Injunction restraining Orca Deco and Cemonit from any further dealing in the land until the final determination of the case.

The court action was commenced in March 2021, when Orca Deco and Cemonit had done just digging and foundation on the land.

According to the Nungua Stool, both Orca Deco and Cemonit were served all the court processes, yet they did not stop the works they were doing on the land.

‘As if they do not recognise our High Court documents, they turned blind eye on us to continue with their construction work, working day and night under heavy Police protection.

And by Tuesday 25th May 2021, the Honourable Court granted the injunction restraining the Defendants, their land guards, assigns, agents, workmen or any other person claiming title through them from having anything to do with the land.

Even though the court granted the Interlocutory Injunction against them, Orca Deco and Comonit have elected to wilfully disobey the order of the court by simply continuing with their construction in fragrance disregard for the pending order restraining them from interfering with the subject matter land.

Nungua Stool land starts from the Sakumono Lagoon sharing boundary with Tema Community 3 on the East and moves upward across the Accra-Tema Motorway through Lashibi, Adjei Kodjo, Kanewu, Santor, Katamanso and Oyibi in the North. It then descends along the Accra-Dodowa Road to Pillar TP202 at the Madina Mosque on the West, and Southwards at TP74 at the Riviera Beach Hotel on the South-West. It finally joins the Sakumono lagoon along the Gulf of Guinea (the Accra-Tema road) to the East.”

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