steven avery
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In Touch’s investigation has revealed that Steven Avery’s new high profile attorney Kathleen Zellner — who’s responsible for the exoneration and release of at least 16 people in wrongful conviction cases — is having murder victim Teresa Halbach’s car key analyzed by state-of- the-art tests. These tests that could prove Teresa’s DNA was wiped off after her death using a solvent — and Steven’s DNA planted on the key.

steven avery
(Photo Credit: Netflix)
Teresa’s RAV4 key was found in Steven’s bedroom and became a crucial piece of evidence that put him behind bars for life without parole. Tests that Zellner is having run can detect the presence of a solvent used to wipe the key.

A source also tells In Touch exclusively that Zellner can prove Teresa left Steven’s property, meaning he did not murder her.

Steven is back seeing Sandy Greenman, his former girlfriend, on a regular basis, according to visitor logs obtained by In Touch through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents detail all of Steven’s visitors plus shed new light on his life in prison. (You can see them HERE.)

In addition, Zellner is also using new techniques to prove that Steven’s blood, which was found in Teresa’s car, was significantly older than it should have been, meaning it was planted, a source tells In Touch. A test developed in 2011 can determine the age of blood by an internal compound that breaks it down over time.

“The appeal will be submitted Aug. 29 [and the goal] isn’t to get Steven a new trial,” a source close to the case tells In Touch. “Zellner wants his murder conviction vacated.”

Those close to Steven are extremely hopeful. “Steven is so lucky to have Zellner working for him because there is no one better,” says close friend Curtis Busse, founder of The Steven Avery Project, a Facebook support group with over 100,000 likes. “I know her appeal will be the best shot Steven has at getting out of prison.”

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