Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler tried to win over Jennifer Lopez by getting naked and swimming in a pool (watch out, Casper Smart!).

He might have butchered the National Anthem during the AFC Championship game, but at least he didn’t decide to streak! The rocker is obviously comfortable in his own skin, and he thinks stripping down is a great way to win someone over (so is that how he got Erin Brady to agree to marry him?).

According to Contact Music, Ryan Seacrest and the rocker recently dished about his sexy skinny dip with Jay Leno. Seacrest told the talk show host that they were staying at the Wynn Las Vegas resort to film an episode of American Idol. They had previously watched the La Reve show there that features artists dancing underwater, and Jennifer Lopez was standing next to the La Reve pool when Ryan heard her scream—there was a naked body in the water!

The naked man turned out to be Steven Tyler, who was trying to impress J-Lo with his own underwater acrobatics (surely his fiancée can’t be too happy about his amorous antics involving all his anatomy). Tyler told Leno that he was just looking for an excuse to get naked in front of Jennifer, but that’s not always the best idea—women can have men arrested for exposing themselves in front of them, after all.

The rocker said he had “high hopes” that he could woo J-Lo with his naked swimming stunt, but obviously it didn’t work—she’s still with boy toy Casper Smart, and he’s still engaged to Erin Brady.

Maybe Jennifer Lopez was just turned off by Steven Tyler’s moobs (man boobs)—for such a thin guy, he’s got quite a lot going on up there.

It’s just a shame that these two crazy kids didn’t get together—Steven’s group Aerosmith once combined rock and rap with the help of Run D.M.C., and he and Jennifer could have also made sweet music together by combing her Latin sound with his gigantic mouth to make something truly amazing—maybe they could have collaborated for “Love in a Fiat” or “Dude Looks Like a Baby” (in honor of Casper Smart).

So do you think Steven’s naked stunt was funny or incredibly creepy?

By  Aida Ekberg, Gather


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