My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, do you know your skin color is not Black, as you have been programmed to accept and believe?

Charcoal is black and you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in White America do not have charcoal skin color to justify you calling yourselves Black let alone thinking, talking and acting Black instead of thinking, talking and acting like the Afrikan you are in White Man’s world of USA but which you don’t know and don’t want to know.

In the same manner, do you know the people you call and treat as White in America are not White either since they too don’t have Cotton Skin Color to justify calling or referring to them as White people ?

Also, are you aware of the fact that the cause of your today’s miseries in your today’s invisible Hell of the White man’s world in USA and Europe is not because you are ?Black? or have a ?Black? skin color but because you have gladly allowed the White man and the Arab to dominate, control, influence, exploit , uproot and keep you permanently ignorant from the Afrikacentric Knowledge, Power and Dignity of your Glorious Continental Afrikan Ancestral Land Base, Root, Source, Heritage, Culture, Values and Identity which brought you here and kept you alive in the Belly of the White man and the Arab and without which you will not be born today in USA and Europe to blame and curse your Glorious Continental Afrikan Skin Color as the Source of all your woes in USA , Europe and Afrika .

Your Continental Afrikan Skin Color is not Black but Brown or Earthly Color or Golden or simply Afrikan Skin Color for you to rediscover, celebrate, honor, respect and be proud of instead of cursing and turning your back at it and wishing secretly it were White instead of Afrikan Skin Color .

That is why everything was and is still being done to encourage, praise and reward you to accept , believe, think, act and talk Black in White America and Europe because it fulfills White America’s agenda for you to be anything and everything you can think of except being Afrikan in thoughts, words and deeds no matter where you are .

But thanks to 400 years of programming, 99% of you my Afrikan Bros and Sis in White America , gladly and zealously end up accepting, believing and embracing wholeheartedly the White America’s lie of you being Black and they being White so as to prevent you from knowing you are Afrikan and not Black in White America or Europe .

Secondly, the more ?Black? you turn yourselves into in thoughts, words and deeds, the more self-ignorant, uprooted, confused and alienated you become vis-?-vis your original Native Afrikan Skin Color and Identity.

That is why White America/Europe will continue to do everything within its power to keep you fooling yourselves with their lie of Black and White skin color which they know will take you no where except into the eternally wide opened jaws of the Crocodile of Foreign Domination, Control, Exploitation, de-Afrikanization, Westernization, Assimilation and Integration which you have been programmed to beg for, die for and hail as your emancipation, freedom, success in life .

In other words, you are not called Black in USA and Europe because it is true.

You do not treat yourselves as Black because it will make you more, better and stronger Afrikan free from the hell of the White man’s domination but because it will make you forget the fact that you are Afrikan in USA/Europe .

You came here in the White man’s chains as Afrikan and Afrikan you must be in USA.

Just as Afrikalion brought from Afrika to USA/Europe does not try to become an elephant or a tree or a bird or Fish in USA/Europe because he/she has the intelligence to know that it is impossible if not suicidal to do so .

That is why, your early Afrikan Ancestors here, even in their White man’s chains, never try to change themselves into what and who they are not but accepted, trusted , believed and relied heavily on the fact that they are Afrikans in the White man’s chains and world and which kept them alive and going no matter the hardships they had to bear

But today, 99% of you have totally and blindly accepted and now live by the lie of your Black Skin Color which you now live and die for as your gospel truth and which makes you dismiss, ignore or laugh at anybody calling or telling you , you are not Black but Afrikan in White America and Europe and Afrika for that matter.

But now, whether you like it or not, you can no longer hide or forget or dismiss or cover put or put under the rug the fact that you are Afrikan and not Black in USA/Europe/Afrika and anywhere and everywhere you find yourselves in the same way Tiger cannot get rid of his Tiger Skin Color no matter how long and hard he/she ignores it or tries to erase it or change it into a Lion or Elephant or Fish or Bird Skin Color in life .

Besides, the lie of your Black skin color is kept alive with another White man’s lie that you do not need Afrika to be whole, successful and happy in USA/Europe .

Hence, instead of fighting for your right to be reconnected to and live in tune to the limitless Inner power, pride and dignity of your Ancestral Continental Afrikan Home and Motherland as the Irish Americans, Anglo-Saxon Americans, Jewish Americans, Italian Americans and others have successfully done in USA , you alone , continue to fight and die for the right to be Black American or African American which offers you no land of your own as your Black or African American base for you to plant your Black or African American seed on for it to grow , take root, blossom and bear the Black or African American fruits you deserve to feed and nourish your Black or African American identity, personality, and mentality in USA.

In other words, you are encouraged to lock yourself in the White man’s box of Black skin color not because it will free and save you from the control and domination of White American/Western Identity but because it will keep you perpetually dominated , controlled and exploited by the White Man and its System and Rule over you .

Also, because, they know, once you accept and believe in the lie of your Black skin color, you will falsely base your identity in life not on the land of your Afrikan Ancestors but on the lie of your Black skin color as a way of making you more vulnerable and more susceptible to White man’s rule and power over you.

That is why the Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese Americans etc control today’s USA because all of them are solidly rooted, enriched and empowered by the land, heritage and culture of their various Ancestors who brought them to USA physically or spiritually .

This means, the Anglo-Saxon American will be nothing without his/her Anglo-Saxon base and foundation.

The same applies to the rest of the above cultural units or blocs that constitute USA today .

But you on the other hand, your Black skin color Identity or Power, your African American identity or power or your Black American identity or power has and owns no Black land, no Black American land or no African American land or no Negro land in USA and Europe because it is the only identity or power in USA and Europe and the entire world which is a false skin-based and oriented rather than a land-based and oriented.

And since identity, power or people without a land of their own cannot be called identity, power or people, it stands to reason that you, my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, condemn yourself to a life of crumbs rather than a life of Loaves.

While all the other Western, Chinese, Japanese rooted cultural units of USA own and enjoy to the fullest USA Meat in all its expressions, the majority of you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA are condemned to fight and die for the bones from USA Meat which you are conditioned to hail and celebrate as your ? progress, change, development, success, freedom, and happiness in your White man’s controlled world.

In addition, the White man’s calls your skin Black because he knows all over the world, every Culture on Earth including your Continental Afrikan Culture treats and considers the color ?Black? as the color of the devil, evil , negative or bad or terrible to avoid and run away from .

That is why, all over the world including Afrika, Black clothes are used when someone dies or when they mourn the death or loss or a loved one.

That is why they talk of ?Black? plague that killed more than twenty million medieval Europeans.

That is why they also talk of Black Monday in USA and Europe when the stock market collapsed .

That is why unconsciously, ninety-nine percent of the people we refer to as Black do not want to be Black because deep down in the hearts, they associate their ?Black? color with the color of the devil, evil, curse or danger or catastrophe which no one sane person will like to be part of.

But on the other hand, the White man has safely reserved the color White for himself even though he knows he is not White but because he knows, all over the world, most Cultures on earth like, adore , revere and celebrate the color White which they associate with the color of the Creator, Angels, Purity, Holiness and Positivity for all to have and enjoy .

That is why; in most Christian churches including even the ?Black? and Afrikan ones ?God?, Jesus and Angles have White skin color or look like the White man even we know Jesus is not a White man but a Jew .

That is why, even in Afrika, White is worn in time of happiness, celebration and jubilation .

And this explains why the ?White? man is welcome everywhere he goes as ?God? or the representative of Jesus and the Angels on earth .

That is why, ninety-nine percent of ?Black and Afrikans? in and outside USA prefer to have the White skin color to their ?Black? skin color.

Because, as far as they are concerned, White skin color is trouble-free while their Black skin color is nothing but trouble for them.

That is why, most of them will do anything to have White skin color to save them in life while at the same time they will do everything within their power to avoid being noticed or called Black because they see their being Black as an obstacle to their desire to be White rather than Black.

This explains also why ninety-nine percent of today’s ?Black? and Afrikan elite are only ?Black? outside but thoroughly ?White? inside.

This explains why all over Afrika today, more and more are bleaching their Afrikan Skin to resemble that of the White man’s Skin and they adore and treat with more respect and love the White man more than they treat each other as Afrikans .

But whether you like it or not, you my Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, the time has come for you to know the truth you do not want to face or know , which is that, your Continental Afrikan Skin Color is not Black but Chocolate or Brown or the Color of Mother Earth and as such there is nothing wrong with your skin color and neither is it the source or cause of your woes on Earth.

Hence to recover, accept, love, respect, protect and defend the right of your Afrikan Skin to exist as is , is to be free forever from the genocide of preferring White skin and people to your Afrikan Skin and people.

As the world’s first and oldest skin on Earth and mother of all today’s world skin colors, your Continental Afrikan Skin links you to and offers you the richest Continent on Earth as yours to claim, develop, protect, defend and enjoy for life which none of your today’s Black or African American skin-based identities or power can offer you.

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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