My Afrikan sisters and brothers in USA, where are the authentic Continental Afrikan Customs and Traditions of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors that was once the world’s first Law on Earth that kept your Ancestors together, strong and in peace, harmony with themselves and the rest of Creation?

What has become of your Positive Ancient Continental Afrikan Traditions and Customs that were once the world’s first human laws that ensure and guarantee all Humanity, total Law and Order that made crimes, as we know them today, unnecessary?

Do you know your today’s Customs and Traditions in USA and Europe upon which you base your today’s life are not your own customs and traditions but alien to you and your Continental Afrikan Customs and Traditions which you have been kept uprooted from and ignorant of for three hundred years in the Belly of the White man ?

So, how can you continue to allow the White man to keep on fooling you into believing and accepting his lie that you have nothing to do with Afrikan Customs and Traditions he told you are barbaric, archaic and irrelevant to your being successful in White America and that all you need to be successful in life is the White man’s Customs and Traditions you are programmed to hail as universal , good and indispensable to you in life ?

But instead, you are programmed into accepting his lie that all you need in life is the White man’s customs and traditions presented to you as impartial, universal and race-free laws that are for everybody to follow and obey for their own good .

And yet, you know, without the strict adherence to these Ancient Afrikan Customs and Traditions by your Afrikan Ancestors, they would not have survived in life for you to be born here in USA and Europe or anywhere on Earth today.

All because, they know, to make Afrikacentric Laws that are based on and enriched by the positive, authentic and original Customs and Traditions of their Afrikan Ancestors is to have the power to create, manage, develop, protect and defend the world’s first and oldest Society on Earth which is Crime-free, Gun-free, Prison-free, Police-free, Greed-free, Selfishness-free, I-Me-Myself Mentality-free, Divorce-free and Teens drugs abuse-free, Teen pregnancy-free and Juvenile delinquency-free.

That is why, all over the world, other conscious human groups on Earth have made it their duty to create, develop and have their own Ancestral/Traditional Customs and Traditions which are Native and Unique Product of their Authentic Cultures and Values and Ways of life.

Hence, the Chinese Customs and Traditions are the basis of today’s Chinese laws and order in China.

The same thing applies to the British, the Japanese, the Germans, the Italians, the French, the Portuguese, the Spanish , the Russians, the Jews, the Arabs etc who have all made sure their today’s Laws that govern their lives are rooted in and based on the Power and Benefit of their Authentic Customs and Traditions which have kept alive, together and empowered from Ancient Time to the present and without which they will not be alive today as different and unique cultural Groups in the world .

In this way, they are able to guarantee themselves the type of Laws and Order that guarantee all equal Justice, Fairness , Equality and Equal Opportunities for all under the Law for all to live prosper and flourish in Safety, Security, Peace, Love and Happiness for all.

This explains why all over the world, Customs and Traditions are not made by legislators in a place the White man calls Parliament, Congress or Assembly but rather, they are allowed to evolve in their own way and at their own pace which are gradually accepted and observed by members of a given community or society for the Common Good of all.

Unlike your today’s White man’s Style laws manufactured at the top for you to respect, the Ancient Customs and Traditions of your Continental Afrikan Ancestors spring from down to the top and are Spirit-based and oriented for all to benefit from .

And because they are deeply rooted in the Limitless Power of the Ancient Afrikan Culture and Values your Ancestors, they are not considered alien to the people’s ways of life but are considered the Product of the people which they can feel at home with and accept, believe and practice for the benefit of all.

While the White man’s made and controlled legislatures exist to keep you ignorant of and uprooted from the Power and Benefits of your Continental Afrikan Laws, your Ancient Afrikan Customs and Traditions exist to unify, bring you together, empower, reinforce, strengthen, enrich and promote in you the Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of Authentic and Positive Afrikan Law and Order of your Ancestors.

While the daily application and benefit of your today’s White man’s laws you believe in so much, cannot exist one day without money, your Ancient Customs and Traditions do not need or require money to render justice to all.

While your today’s laws are nothing but goldmines for lawyers and the more and more expensive lawsuits that favor the rich at the expense of the poor, your Ancient Afrikan Customs and Traditions do not need or require professional lawyers and expensive lawsuits to be and to benefit all members of the society.

While the White man’s made and controlled laws you now call your own are short-lived and fade away with time , your Continental Afrikan Traditions and Customs live forever in the Hearts, Minds and Spirits of the people whose interests they are committed to serving and protecting no matter what and whether they have money or not .

As the unwritten laws of the Bulk of your Continental Afrikan Masses, your Continental Afrikan Customs and Traditions are passed on from one generation to another to serve the needs of all, without fear or favor.

All because, they are based on Ancient Afrikan Eternal Principles or Truth of life that can be learned, understood and applied daily by all and for the well being of all members of the society.

Hence, the Positive and Authentic Continental Afrika based and oriented Customs and Traditions that constitute the Foundation of lives of your Continental Afrikan Ancestor are what I call the unwritten Afrikan Law of Self knowledge which enables all Continental Afrikans to know, once and for all, that they are all full fledged Continental Afrikans, Citizens and Nationals of their One and Indivisible Continental Afrikan Home and Motherland for all to come together in love and peace to unify, empower, liberate, develop, protect and defend for the benefit of all .

In this way, all the Children of each Afrikan society are taught by their elders , the Inner Afrikan Science , Technology and Art of how to know, accept, love and respect themselves as Afrikans, no matter where they are and when .

For, to your Ancestors, to know themselves as Continental Afrikans, no matter where they live, is to know others of whom they see themselves as part and parcel of as Creation of One Divine Source we call the Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

To know ourselves is to know others and to know others is to know how to accept ourselves us Afrikans.

To accept ourselves as Afrikans from head to toe is to accept others and to accept others is to know how to love ourselves as Continental Afrikans.

And to love ourselves as Afrikans in thoughts, words and deeds is to love others as part of us and members of one Universal Human Family .

And to respect ourselves as Continental Afrikans is to respect others as part and parcel of us.

And to respect others is to have faith, confidence, trust and belief in ourselves as Continental Afrikans and which will lead us naturally or automatically to have total faith, confidence, trust and belief in others as the surest way of achieving total self mastery, self control, high self esteem, positive self image and fulfillment which in turn confers on us all the inner based and oriented power, pride, dignity we need to think positive, live positive and die positive in life.

And because we treasure, value, cherish who we are as Continental Afrikans , we will see no need to destroy, contaminate, abuse, maltreat, cheat and harm ourselves and others because whatever we do to each other comes back to us one hundred-fold .

That is why, your Ancient Afrikan Ancestors were able to lead balanced and harmonies way of life free from the havoc of drug abuse, violence, divorce, greed, selfishness, restlessness , insecurity, emptiness and dissatisfaction as we know them today.

And because they know who and what they are as Continental Afrikans and as the owners and beneficiaries of the world’s richest Continent on Earth, they know how to rely on themselves for the satisfaction of their daily needs on Earth without becoming dependent on, addicted to and enslaved by the invisible crumbs, leftovers and surpluses of others .

That is why, they were able to achieve the world’s enviable Title/Crown as the Cradle of Humanity and Mother of today’s world civilizations for Three Million Years without the need for perpetual external aid or support to do so.

Thanks to their Self knowledge based and oriented Ancient Afrikan Customs and Traditions, they know all forms of life are one and from the same Creator AFRIKAMAWU whom they regard and revere as the Source of their lives and their supplies in life.

In this way, they learn to cooperate rather than fight each other for their Mother Continental Afrika Earth’s abundant Resources, Riches and Wealth that belong to all to enjoy and share and not only by the Few of the Land .

That is why, they treat themselves and the rest of Creation as Sacred to accept, love, trust, work with, live in tune to, prosper and enjoy life with.

That is why from Ancient Time to the present day in the Traditional Area of Continental Afrika which is still inhabited by three quarters of our Continental Afrikan population, it is still the Tradition and Custom for all to still open their hearts and doors to anybody who visits them or passing by or through.

All, because, to your Ancient and Traditional Afrikans, all visitors are Spirits in human form sent by AFRIKAMAWU to us to test how generous and hospitable we are to those we do not know or those in need of our service or help or generosity or hospitality without counting the cost .

This explains why when the Arab and Western conquerors came to our people disguised as ?Explorers?, Missionaries?, or ?Traders?, our people thought they were true human beings in need of their generosity and hospital ability which they conferred on them in limitless quantity as our Afrikan Custom and Tradition demand but for which they pay dearly when they wake up to see their land, gold and youth were stolen and taken away by their Arab/Western ?visitors?.

Other Continental Afrikan Customs and Traditions which we still treasure all over Ancient/Traditional Afrika include:

1) Not talking when you eat because the mouth that eats does not talk,

2) Afrikan Girls marrying as Virgins as a way of honoring themselves and their sacred bodies as the Holy Temple of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU

3) Afrikan Boys must pass the Test of Afrikan Manhood to become Afrikan Man with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that go with it,

4) Authentic Afrikan Marriage is not only the business of one man and woman in love but the business of the entire Community that makes sure all is well within the marriage and so on.

5) Afrikan Girls must pass the Test of Afrikan Womanhood to become Afrikan Woman with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that go with it,

6) Respect for elders so that they can teach the Youth all that they have learned in their University of Life so that their Youth are spared the mistakes they have made in life

7) Sharing as a way of life and not accumulating or hoarding the wealth, riches or prosperity that belong to all to have , enjoy in life

But you, My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, because you have been cut away from the knowledge , power and benefits of the above Afrikan Customs and Traditions of your Ancestors, you will continue to live and die in the hell of alien/Western/Jewish/Arab/Foreign Customs and Traditions until you wake up and become wise enough to reclaim the power of your forgotten Afrikan Customs and Traditions to end your today’s hell of Self ignorance.

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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